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The Ultimate Guide to Small-Business Human Resources

Human resource management is the bedrock of every small business employer, but the topic can be a complex whirlwind of jargon. Let our guides make you an overnight HR maestro that smashes through personnel obligations like a prodigy.

Employee Benefits Basics: Everything You Must Know

5 Best Employee Benefits Administration Software for Small Businesses in 2022
In businesses with fewer than 50 workers, 85% of employees say a benefits package plays...
Smiling woman in the showroom enjoying luxury car
The 6 Best General Liability Insurance Companies for Small Businesses 2022
Protect your business from costly expenses that could be avoided with general liability insurance. Best...
Worker uses a metal cutting grinder
7 Best Workers Compensation Insurance Companies for Small Businesses 2021
Safeguard your business with our top seven picks for best workers compensation insurance companies. Best...

Additional Employee Benefits Resources

Payroll Resources and Options

Compare Top Payroll Software
Popular Payroll Brands
Payroll Calculators & Tools

Bonus calculator

Make sure employees receive the right bonus amount with this calculator.

Gross up calculator

Use an employee’s net pay to retroactively calculate their gross pay.  

Salary payroll calculator

Determine what to withhold in taxes from salaried workers’ paychecks.

Hourly paycheck calculator

Send your hourly employees home with the accurate paycheck amount.

Additional Payroll Solutions

All HR Resources

Best overall Zenefits 4.5 Starting from$10.00/employee/mo. Flexible packages Free payroll with some plans View PlansLearn...
Project management is complicated, and it’s only gotten more challenging as businesses continue to go...
For resource-strained small businesses, Gusto shines with its premium access to human resources professionals that...
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