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According to the report The Effects of Inflation on US Small Businesses in 2021, featuring compiled data from the Consumer Price Index and an anonymous survey of 700 small-business owners.
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77% of Americans don’t think they are paid fairly at work
Nearly 80% of U.S. workers think they’re underpaid, according to a recent poll from, and that more money could help them meet their needs.
Where Do Accountants Make the Most Money?
With the salary of accountants fluctuating quite significantly depending on geographical location,, researchers of the best business products and services to cater for small business needs, carried out research into the best and worst states for accountants in 2021.
New survey finds 82% of small businesses raising prices due to inflation as holidays approach
According to a new survey from, 82% of small businesses raised their prices as a direct result of rising rate of inflation.
Shoplifting Spikes In U.S. Amid Increasing Desperation As Pandemic Drags On
A new study by shows that 40% of small-business owners say shoplifting has increased since the beginning of the pandemic.
International Women's Day 2021 - A chance to celebrate, learn, and take action
Pay inequality. According to this article from, women make 18% less in their yearly earnings than men.
Why do we pay so many people so little money?
The coronavirus pandemic is forcing America to confront its epidemic low-wage problem.
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Report: Only 5.7% of US businesses got PPP loans
Only 5.7 percent of U.S. businesses received the Paycheck Protection Program relief, according to a new report from business research website
Washington Ranks Sixth Best State for Recent Grads Amid Covid-19 ranked Washington the sixth-best state for recent college graduates to start their careers amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Essential Workers Struggled to Overcome Pay Gap Amid Pandemic
A new report from reveals that essential workers make far less than all other occupations.
The State of Women Entrepreneurs: Women's Small Business Month
Do you live in one of the best cities for a startup? Take a look at this report from to find out.
Ever wonder how much tech workers get paid in your town? This map might have the answer
Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, looked at 100 metro areas across the United States to rank average tech salaries.