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The Ultimate Guide to Small-Business Loans

Successfully building a small business doesn’t require you to be an expert in small-business financing, but you should understand your options and choose the one best suited for your business needs. Our ultimate guide will help you do both.

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A young woman of color sits on a couch and types into a laptop while holding cash
Bluevine vs. Fundbox 2023
Fundbox and Bluevine may both be alternative lenders offering lines of credit, but they have...
Feature image of a young black businessman shaking hands with a woman across a desk
Fundera vs. Lendio
Fundera and Lendio are two great lending marketplaces with a lot in common―including their ability...
Featured image of a white woman in a blue tank top pumping her fist and cheering as she reads good news on her laptop
Kabbage vs. Fundera: How this Lender and Lending Marketplace Compare
Are Kabbage’s fast funds or Fundera’s many choices better for your business financing needs? Most...
A young woman is working in a bright office
Square Capital vs. PayPal Working Capital vs. Stripe Capital
We break down what’s great about these payment processing lenders—and what’s not-so-great. In the past...’s Business Loan Calculators

Does a small-business loan make sense for your business? Our loan calculator helps you identify the total cost of a small-business loan so you can make an informed decision.
happy couple working with woman wearing glasses going over paperwork
Business Loan Calculator
Applying for a small business loan? Calculate the true cost of your loan with’s...
construction worker talking on phone while using laptop
Commercial Loan Calculator
Let a commercial real estate loan calculator do the math on how much that loan...
woman getting hair washed at salon using cell phone
SBA Business Loan Calculator: Estimate Your SBA Term Loan Costs
Find out how much your SBA loan will cost you with our SBA business loan...

Financing Your Startup

woman using computer and referencing sheet of paper
How to Get a Startup Business Loan
Lean how to get a startup business loan in 6 easy steps. Play Video Learning...
woman using credit card on abstract background
Best Startup Business Line of Credit 2023
After looking at dozens of business lenders, we found the best ones that offer business...
6 Ways to Self-Finance Your Business
Even if you have a great business idea, it is unlikely to succeed without solid...
Business owner looking at tablet
Breaking Down Business Startup Costs: What to Expect
When starting a business, it can be tough to estimate all the costs. We researched...

Financing with Bad or No Credit

People in office shaking hands
Understanding Business Credit
If you’re unsure about how business credit works and what makes it different from personal...
happy business owner with good business credit
How to Build Business Credit: 5 Steps for Improving Your Business Credit Score
With a strong business credit profile, you can qualify for better business financing options. While...
business woman looking at her personal credit score
How Credit Scores Affect Small-Business Loans
Don’t know your FICO score? Learn it, then live it: navigates the numbers and...
small business owner with bad credit
How to Finance Your Business with Bad Credit
A low personal credit score doesn't have to keep you from getting small-business funding. So...

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