Best ACH Payment Providers

Are you ready to start accepting credit cards, or are you just looking for a better processing provider? We’ll help you find one with the features and rates that suit your business best.
Best overall
Dharma Merchant Services
4.7 out of 5 stars
  • Icon Pros  Dark
    Most versatile ACH processing tools
  • Icon Pros  Dark
    Low monthly fee
Best for ACH and credit processing
4.3 out of 5 stars
  • Icon Pros  Dark
    Low ACH processing fee
  • Icon Pros  Dark
    Fully featured processing solution
Best for employee paycheck deposits
National Processing
National Processing
4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Icon Pros  Dark
    Employee paycheck tools
  • Icon Pros  Dark
    Recurring payment system
Best online option for developers
3.8 out of 5 stars
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    No monthly fee
  • Icon Pros  Dark
    Digital customizability
Best ACH and POS combo
4.1 out of 5 stars
  • Icon Pros  Dark
    Comprehensive POS features
  • Icon Pros  Dark
    3rd-party processing integrations

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If you’ve seen any of our recommended processing service brands before, you’ve probably noticed that none of them specialize exclusively in ACH transactions—they are also credit card processors. That’s because ACH processing isn’t as common as credit or debit card transactions.

ACH payments are a great way to make large transactions between bank accounts for a small fee. We’re here to help you find the ACH solution that best fits your business needs and saves you the most money on processing costs.

Pricing and plans

Processing fee per transaction (swiped)
Basic Monthly fee
Learn more
DharmaBetween $0.40 and 0.20% + $0.40$20.00


1% with a $10.00 max fee


National Processing

$0.48 minimum



0.8% with a $5.00 max fee


CloverNot listedFree

Data effective 2/4/21. At publishing time, pricing and features are current but are subject to change. Offers may not be available in all areas.

Dharma Merchant Services: Best overall

Dharma Merchant Services

Dharma has a low monthly fee and great ACH processing features making them a top candidate.

Dharma’s ACH processing platform allows you to accept checks or to manually enter bank details to run a one-time transaction. Dharma’s ACH service also allows you to set up recurring ACH payments with your customers.

And because Dharma integrates with some processing technology services, you can accept ACH payments in additional ways:

  • Telecheck acceptance for Clover. If you have a Clover terminal or you decide to get one through Dharma, you can use the camera on your clover device to automatically scan a check into your processor.
  • Virtual check (eCheck) acceptance. You can accept digital checks through Dharma’s payment portal.
  • In-person check acceptance. You can key checks into your standalone credit card terminal using this option.

Simply put, Dharma gives you a ton of ways to accept ACH payments and at a good price. Best of all, Dharma is one of our top credit card processors if you need those services as well.

Stax: Best for combined ACH and credit processing

Stax isn’t the cheapest ACH processor, but it’s a solid ACH payment acceptor and credit card processor.

Stax doesn’t say a whole lot about its ACH processing on its website, but it does have an incredibly low ACH processing fee. If you are doing large ACH transactions, the savings can add up in a big way with a 1% fee and a $10.00 max fee per transaction. You’ll save money on any transaction over $1,000 that hits the $10.00 max fee.

Additionally, with Stax, you have an incredible, fully featured processing solution with all the bells and whistles. Stax is a great one-stop shop for all your processing needs if its $99.00 monthly fee is cost effective in relation to your transaction volume.

Simply put, the more transactions you process, the more you save with Stax.

National Processing: Best for employee paycheck deposits

National Processing
National Processing

National processing makes paying your employees easy and does it at a solid price.

National Processing offers a robust ACH service that does everything you’d expect from an ACH processor, and that makes paying your employees a breeze.

That said, National Processing’s ACH services also make it easy for customers to pay you from their bank accounts. You can also set up recurring ACH payments.

The only uncertainty we have with National Processing is its transaction price. The site says that $0.48 is the minimum fee per transaction but doesn’t give the whole range.

National Processing is also one of our highest-recommended credit card processors, so if you end up needing more than just ACH processing in the long run, you can always expand with your National Processing account.

Stripe: Best online option for developers


Stripe is a free service, but you need to be a programmer or have access to one to use Stripe.

Stripe is an application programming interface or API. If you or your business associates don’t know what that means, Stripe probably isn’t for you. Stripe requires programming know-how to make it work.

Stripe allows you to accept ACH payments through your online payment portal just like you would a credit card. It can integrate into your website or into any site that uses a Stripe payment processor.

You can also use Stripe to send payable invoices that let customers pay how they want. This won’t guarantee you the low processing costs of ACH, but it is a good way to give your customers more payment options.

Clover: Best ACH and POS combo


Clover POS terminals are an industry best and make a great combo to ACH processing.

Clover POS systems can scan checks with an on-device camera. You can also accept ACH payments via Clover’s online portal.

In addition to ACH functionalities, Clover offers a modernized point-of-sale system complete with inventory management tools and employee performance functionalities. That said, you don’t have to go direct through Clover to use it as your processor.

Some of our top payment processors, like Dharma Merchant Services and Payment Depot, offer Clover integrations. Going through a third-party provider may allow you to get a smaller transaction fee.

Ready to start accepting credit cards?

Square lets you get started for free. The account is free, the app is free, and your first mobile card reader is free. You simply pay as you process.

Honorable mentions

Payment Cloud caught our attention with its 24-hour, next-day transfers. In addition to offering all the ACH processing essentials, Payment Cloud can get you money fast. It’s also easy to set up recurring payments with Payment Cloud—with options for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual payments.
This is a service provided by Visa that makes sense to use if you’re already using them as your processor. It’s ACH fees aren’t the cheapest, but they’re not unreasonable at 0.75% per transaction. One thing to note about is that you have to sign up for its eCheck plan separately from your processing plan.

ACH processing FAQ

What does ACH stand for?

It stands for automatic clearing house. It’s a digital network for processing transactions between banks and other financial institutions. From your customers’ perspective, ACH transfers allow them to send you money directly from their bank account without having to use a credit or debit card.

Should I be using ACH for accepting payments?

There are a few reasons to use ACH payments. They usually have a smaller processing fee and are better for moving large sums of money. Also, your customers may request a direct bank transfer.

It’s good to have ACH available as a payment option for your customers. Plus, you can save a lot of money on recurring payments by getting your customers to pay you via ACH.

Should I only accept payments through ACH processing to save on fees?

Put simply: no. Generally you want to be able to accept whatever payment methods your customers prefer to use. That said, there’s nothing wrong with encouraging the use of ACH processing to customers that are already loyal to your brand.

Do you have any other questions about credit card processing?

If you do, don’t hesitate to email us, and one of our processing experts will update this page with an answer to your question.

The takeaway

There are a lot of ways to accept ACH transactions, but your unique processing needs ultimately dictate which option is most efficient for your business. If you’re already using any of these providers for other forms of payment processing, ask them about ACH processing. If not, Dharma has the most robust ACH tools available.

If you’re looking for more details on the processing features of some of the brands recommended in this article, check out our recommendations for the top processors on the market today.


At, our research is meant to offer general product and service recommendations. We don't guarantee that our suggestions will work best for each individual or business, so consider your unique needs when choosing products and services.

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