Setmore Review 2021

As one of the simplest but cheapest appointment scheduling titles out there, Setmore fulfills everything a basic operation would need, but without much room for professional expansion.
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Setmore is one of the lowest-priced appointment booking software titles we’ve seen. This makes it perfect for tiny budgets but at the cost of elaborate perks.

On the one hand, the suite offers everything a simple business or freelancer would need, like unlimited appointments and a client self-booking webpage. On the other hand, there are no meaningful reporting or analytical tools to track your business’s growth over time. Plus, there is little in the way of internal collaboration, such as messaging features and team meetings.

Let’s explore if Setmore is your perfect match.

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Compare Setmore plans and pricing 2021

Starting price (per user/per month)
Maximum users
Email reminders
SMS reminders
Payment processors
Get Started
Free$04100 max/mo.NoneSquare only
Premium$122UnlimitedUnlimitedSquare & Stripe
Pro$9Unlimited (minimum 3)UnlimitedUnlimitedSquare & Stripe

Data effective 6/02/21. At publishing time, pricing and features are current but are subject to change. Offers may not be available in all areas.

If you’ll need support for two or more users, we’d recommend opting for the Pro plan, paid annually, which drops the price to only $5 a person. This way, you’ll only fork over $60 a year per individual, which is much cheaper than competitor Calendly’s $9 6 yearly starting price.

Setmore is best for small, local businesses on a budget

If simplicity is what you crave, there isn’t much evil to speak about this delightful appointment scheduling platform. Indeed, it isn’t the most powerful, elaborate suite, but that’s not the intent.

Instead, Setmore excels at keeping simple, local businesses, such as salons and exercise instructors, operating without a hitch and for not a lot of cash. These modest entities are sure to find all the basics they need to manage an appointment-centric operation, including seamless credit card processing via Square, Stripe, and PayPal.

Notably absent are any meaningful analytical features or reports, among other features more suited to rapidly growing businesses. But, this empty crater is partially mitigated via Setmore’s native integrations with Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, and nearly two dozen other third-party applications.

In short, we think Setmore is a match made in heaven for budget-conscious self-employed individuals and basic, calendar-oriented businesses—nothing more.

Setmore features

Custom booking URL

Let’s face it: unless you’re a technical whiz, it’s not easy getting a beautiful website set up. That’s why we love how every plan, including the Free option, scores a pre-made appointment booking web page, no coding required. This conveniently allows your clients to schedule appointments at their leisure without having to call, text, or visit in person.

As an added bonus, customers can use this portal to leave star-rated reviews  that you can then selectively showcase publicly, boosting your social-proof appeal.

Your site will share the “” domain with a custom prefix called a “subdomain.” If this sounds unappealing, there’s an option to host the booking function on your own  autonomous website, but this will take some basic web design skills.

Recurring appointments and reminders

Constantly sending timely reminders and repeatedly locking away calendar space for returning clients can be a massive pain.

Luckily, Setmore makes these duties a breeze with a one-click option to schedule recurring appointments and automatically send email or text message reminders. These perks help deliver a punctual customer service experience while also liberating you from tediously inputting commitments.

Plus, since you can require prepayment before confirming bookings, quickly implementing recurrent sessions makes you more likely to get paid upfront for substantial swaths of time.

Social media connection

One of the most significant sources of a small business’s customers is social media. Setmore understands this and includes seamless connections with Facebook and Instagram. Potential clients can conveniently book and pay immediately on either social platform using an enticing Book Now call-to-action button. This is highly conducive to scoring spontaneous conversions without the friction of dragging people to your external website.

Setmore pros and cons

Pro Bullet Useful free plan
Pro Bullet Super affordable
Pro Bullet Many third-party integrations
Con Bullet Low-value video meeting feature
Con Bullet No analytical features
Con Bullet Limited expansion capabilities

Setmore pros

If you’re on a shoestring budget, you’re in luck since Setmore delivers rock-bottom pricing while still delivering immense value. Meanwhile, the platform’s intuitive, non-technical interface means anyone could rapidly grasp the suite, regardless of technical background.

The zero-cost Free plan is somewhat practical for up to four users, with unlimited appointments, a Square payment connection, and up to 100 email reminders included. This is remarkable since many software titles have unrealistic, no-charge starter options.

Once you’ve signed up, the platform will seamlessly fit into your broader workflow. That’s because there are nearly three dozen  third-party integrations available, including high-value connections with Salesforce, Mailchimp, and Instagram. This is a sweet perk that improves Setmore’s otherwise minimalist functionality.

The software title also dishes out a superb mobile app for Android  and iOS, with a nearly 4.5-star rating on the Google Play Store.1 Most daily tasks are well supported in the app, making Setmore highly compatible with constantly on-the-go people.

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Setmore cons

The platform includes its own video conferencing service, called Teleport. However, it only allows up to 25 people  to join a virtual meeting, whereas popular competitor Zoom’s Free plan  supports 100 people. Beyond this limit, Teleport’s features are limited and unoriginal, making it rather worthless.

Unfortunately, you’re stuck with Teleport on Setmore’s Free plan since there is no integration support for Zoom. That’s not to say Teleport would never come in handy, though. Teleport Pro doesn’t have any time limit on sessions, while Zoom’s free plan caps conferences at 40 minutes each.

Beyond videoconferencing drama, Setmore isn’t a great option if you have big, entrepreneurial hoop dreams. While we’ve already touched on the platform’s lack of analytics, the platform’s overall simplicity eventually shows. For example, there is no ability to add detailed data to each appointment, making it hard to attach lengthy notes or important paperwork after a meeting.

Again, modest operations probably won’t find this to be a challenge. However, these shortcomings make Setmore inadequate for complex, growing businesses.

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Setmore FAQ

How much does Setmore cost?

The Setmore scheduling software dishes out a free plan for up to four users, although it lacks many perks like text message reminders. Paid plans start at $12 monthly per user for up to two people. If you have three or more users, prices drop to only $9 a month per person.

Paying annually chops off upwards of 55%, which is a superb option if you have some free cash lying around.

What is Setmore?

Setmore is an appointment scheduling software title targeting small businesses and self-employed individuals. Simply put, you can use the platform to book meetings with clients, receive handy reminders, and craft a public self-scheduling web page without needing coding expertise.

It’s certainly a more limited platform than some competitors, such as Calendly. However, its appropriately low prices make it alluring nonetheless.

What is the best scheduling application?

The answer gets down to your business’s growth aspirations, team size, and current client volume. Setmore is a superb option if you have a more straightforward, modest operation or you’re working solo.

On the other hand, if your business is complex and has a massive client base, you might wish to opt for broader business management software instead of a standalone scheduling platform. That’s because calendar booking tools are limited in scope, and they tend to leave many elements, such as marketing and accounting, entirely unsolved.

The takeaway

Setmore is best for simpler needs, such as self-employed individuals or local small businesses. While the platform lacks elaborate features, its dozens of third-party integrations help soothe any shortcomings—assuming you’re graced with other software solutions. The title also makes it easy for anyone to set up a custom booking website, with little to no coding experience needed.

Ultimately, the suite’s perks target people needing a quick, simple fix to manage calendar-centric activities. But, if you dream of hitting the big leagues or your business is complex, we’d recommend skipping Setmore altogether.

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  1. Google, “Setmore Appointments - Appointment Scheduling App.” Accessed June 3, 2021.
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