3 Best Point of Sale Providers for Your Business

Regardless of what kind of business you own or operate, you likely need a point of sale system (POS) of some kind to track all transactions. The question is, how do you figure out what system may be right for you and which are the best available on the market? We’ve got you covered with the pertinent information, so read on to get the details.

1. AccuPOS

AccuPOS is rated as one of the top POS vendors on the market, thanks to their variety of systems and options available. AccuPOS is the only POS system on the market that is compatible with both QuickBooks and the Sage accounting system on a line item basis, making it easy to keep track of inventory at the same time.

All AccuPOS systems come fully equipped with the hardware you’ll need to get started, including a touchscreen PC, cash drawer, card reader and receipt printer. If you’re a retail establishment, AccuPOS throws in a barcode scanner with the base model plan; the deluxe package upgrades this to an omnidirectional scanner. There are also packages available for restaurants, which can include a scale for weighing items and a router and software to set up a display terminal in the kitchen so orders can be seen and processed efficiently.

To make life even easier, AccuPOS has integrated their POS software accessible with mobile devices, allowing employees to have customers settle their bills right at the table. This can help save money on hardware as well as avoid congestion at the register.

AccuPOS offers an online training so your employees can learn how to properly utilize the system and, by purchasing the right support program, you’ll have unlimited phone, email, and web support, even after hours. AccuPOS even will overnight parts to you if you have a hardware failure, making sure that your systems won’t be down for long.

2. Harbortouch

One of the features that make Harbortouch a viable option is the price tag. For $25, you can get a system that is loaded with information specific to your business, delivered to your front door ready to go. To get this deal, you must use Harbortouch to process all credit card payments. If this is something you want to do, there are also two free versions of the system, the Harbortouch POS and Harbortouch Elite. The Harbortouch POS comes with a touchscreen PC, card reader, cash drawer and receipt printers. The Elite version has a faster PC for processing along with a stainless steel body which is nice for aesthetics but doesn’t do anything to improve functionality.

Harbortouch has you covered with their aftercare program as well. Once you purchase your system, the company assigns you a local representative so you can get on-site service if necessary. Your company can send your menu or a list of your inventory to your account representative to code everything and get you up and running. There is also a feature in the software that connects you to a remote support team, 24/7. Harbortouch’s software features capabilities for both Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows mobile devices.

3. POSGuys

POSGuys offers a wide variety of hardware and they have systems specifically catered to salons and spas, in addition to retail and restaurant businesses. Customers can get an all-in-one system capable of getting a business on its way for less than $2,000.

As mentioned, it’s all about choice when it comes to hardware with POSGuys. The company offers 20 POS computer options, more than two dozen printers and 15 cash drawers. Omnidirectional and built-in scanners are available as well and touchscreen PCs are available with higher level packages. One of the big pluses for POSGuys is that you aren’t limited as to what credit card processing or merchant service client you use; they’re all available.

POSGuys offers phone and email support, setup assistance, along with remote training to learn the ins and outs of the system. They also offer hardware replacement, which can vary depending on your support plan. The silver plan can take seven days for new hardware to arrive, while the gold plan cuts the turnaround time to two days and the platinum plan has your new parts shipped overnight. POSGuys only offers support during normal business hours (7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday).

There are plenty of excellent options when it comes to finding a POS system for your business. What system is the right fit for you?

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