The 2 Best POS Systems for Restaurants

Effective point of sale (POS) systems are vital to any restaurant owner.

The best POS systems for restaurants offer more than basic cash registers. They act as computers and can efficiently record all your transactions, send orders to the kitchen staff, process credit card payments, print checks, and calculate payroll.

These are the top two restaurant POS systems you should consider for your restaurant.

1. ShopKeep POS ($49/month)

This POS system or app is one of the top choices for Apple users and is easy to use. It works with an iPad and other Apple devices, and offers cloud-based software, so you’re able to access information about transactions or the day’s profits from virtually anywhere. ShopKeep integrates easily with most other processors out there, so it offers flexibility if you already have a processor up and running or you’re not ready to invest in an entirely new system.

The starting cost of $49 per month is for one register, but they do provide you the option to add multiple registers at a discounted price. They also offer a free 30-day trial so you’re able to see if it will work for your restaurant before you buy it.

2. GotMerchant ($69/month)

GotMerchant offers an integrated system, complete with both the software and hardware, installation, technical support, training, an easy-to-use touchscreen monitor, receipt printer, kitchen monitors, and cash drawers. The only requirement is you must use GotMerchant’s credit card processing (CCP) services as opposed to an outside card processing vendor to receive all the benefits.

However, their CCP services are user-friendly, quick, and efficient. This a great solution for restaurant owners who want a full-featured system that manages credit card services as well as general POS functions, and it provides great technical support.

Your point of sale system should not only perform as a register but be able to help you keep track of all your important data. This is why investing in a good system will allow you to run a better business and help your restaurant flourish. Most systems will offer included training, installation, and technical support.

Make sure you know what’s included with the upfront costs to avoid having to pay for extra registers or hardware later. When comparing POS systems for restaurants, you should figure the cost into your budget, but the return on investment will be more than worth it.