3 iPad Apps That Help Make Sales Easier

The iPad is a useful tool for business professionals. For salespeople, the usefulness of the iPad is not limited to the convenience of size and weight.

The iPad also offers several sales apps to write up and help track sales and stay up to date with paperwork. These are the top three that can help make the sales process easier for your business.

1. SalesVu Point of Sales


With the SalesVu Point of Sales app, your sales team can track payments, post coupons to customers’ Facebook pages, mail receipts, and even generate graphs for different aspects or your business. This app even allows you to process credit cards, but that does come with a pricetag. To process credit cards, there is a fee of 2.75% per transaction.

2. Handshake Sales Order Manager


With the Handshake Sales Order Manager you can do all your sales right from your iPad without having to write up the order by hand. This sales app allows you to upload images and input descriptions of your inventory.

This way, when you are at trade shows or on the road meeting with clients, the only thing you need is your iPad.

You can allow clients and customers to look through your catalog and even search it using keywords or a SKU to find exactly what they want. When it comes time to place the order, generate it automatically using the app.

3. Profit Story


Profit Story is a simple sales app that provides you and your sales team with cost price, sales price, profit margins, break even, and mark up analysis.

This information is crucial to every business, and having it all in one spot makes it easy for you and your sales team to set prices where they need to be for your business to be a success.

Profit Story does allow you to change the matrix to see what the impact will be across the board. This app saves you time and the frustration of building a database or spreadsheet from scratch.

iPads have really changed the face of business with the ability to take professional-looking slides and catalogs with them on an easy-to-handle tablet computer. The abundance of applications available to iPad users makes it easy for you to pick and choose the programs that will best suit your needs. By having a combination of different sales apps at their fingertips, your sales staff can grow their client base and make your company a success.