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The Ultimate Guide to Small-Business Accounting

Most small-business owners don’t start their own business because they are particularly excited about accounting. Our ultimate guide will show you everything you need to know to tackle the bookkeeping and accounting duties in your small business.

Compare the Best Accounting Software

White person in beige sweater types on a calculator with one hand and on a black mobile phone with the other
The 8 Best Small-Business Accounting Apps of 2021
To rank the best small-business apps for bookkeeping, we considered each app’s features, functionality, user-friendliness,...
The Best Bookkeeping Software for Small Business 2021
To find the best bookkeeping software for small-business owners, we looked at key bookkeeping features...
young woman paying bills from home
The 10 Best Small-Business Accounting Software of 2021
To rank the year’s best accounting software for small businesses, we looked at and evaluated...

Our Top Accounting Brands

Compare the Best Outsourced Accounting Solutions

The 9 Best Virtual and Outsourced Accounting Services for Small Businesses in 2021
We considered virtual bookkeeping features, payroll and tax service add-ons, plans, and pricing to bring...
Woman in white collared shirt typing at a work computer
What Is a PEO?
Wondering if you should join the 175,000 small to medium-sized businesses who already use Professional...
Stressed by Finances? Here Are 7 Ways Outsourced Accounting Can Help
Everyone enjoys nailing that first dollar earned to the wall, but keeping track of your...

All Accounting Resources

We reviewed a dozen of the best free accounting software options, then rated their user-friendliness,...
Manual payroll is a little complicated, but it’s completely doable for employers with no more...
A company’s biggest cost can be payroll. Audits prevent fraud, save money, and keep costs...
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