3 Best Sales Management Software Options

Finding the right web-based or Cloud-based sales management software for your small business will save you time, increase productivity, and ultimately help your business grow and prosper.

This type of software, often associated or bundled with customer relationship management (CRM) software, will not only help you manage your customer and client relationships, but also help you organize your proposals, close deals faster, automate time-consuming sales processes, and allow you to access your information from anywhere.

Great web-based software should be easy to implement, use, and customize, and doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. Here are three of the best software options that run on the cloud for sales management systems for small businesses.

1. Sales Coud by Salesforce


Salesforce has some of the most highly rated cloud software available, and Sales Cloud offers five different package options, each with a free trial, so you can choose one based on your business’s needs and budget. Sales Cloud consolidates everything from your contacts, social networking accounts, and analytics tools, making it easy to finish deals quickly.

This software is highly focused on utilizing social networking tools, so if your business relies on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, the Sales Cloud software helps provides insight on how to use these to increase productivity. It helps collect information about your customers, including their interests and what they’re involved in, so that you can better cater to them. The Salesforce website also has a great resource center, including eBooks, a step-by-step map of the entire sales process, advice on obtaining business prospects and following leads, and customer feedback.

2. Base by FutureSimple


With a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface, Base sales management software makes each stage of the sales process feel seamless. Base doesn’t brand its software, so you can customize it to your business. It also lets you choose from three different packages, so you can start out with only 2GB of document storage or upgrade to 10GB.

This software does a great job at keeping all your information in one place, allowing you to save all your interactions including important conversations and sales deals, related calls and emails, followup tasks, and notes and files on one contact card. Base automatically and accurately syncs important information, which is a highlight for the small business owner who doesn’t have the time to manually organize data.

3. Tactile CRM

(Free – $18/month)

Free or inexpensive software is ideal for the budget-conscious small business owner. The free option of Tactile’s CRM includes 10MB of file storage space, up to 250 contacts, and email support, so it’s great for the entrepreneur who is just starting to make business contacts.

Tactile has a simple, no-fuss system that is easy to set up, a data import and export feature, and keeps track of your sales and deals in real time. This system works with other useful third-party online services, integrating products such as help desk support, business card scanning services, invoicing, and mailing lists. It will help you monitor completed sales, keep track of communications and conversations with your customers, allow you to schedule follow-up calls, and integrate your address book and email.

Many new businesses are choosing web-based sales management software for the ability to access information remotely. All of these systems come with a free trial, so if you’re undecided as to which one would be most beneficial to your small business, try one out for a month before committing.