6 Companies That Can Help Develop a Website for Your Business

computer code on computer screen

As businesses look to establish a firm online presence in order to promote themselves and their products, the demand for well-built, customizable websites has expanded. Although for-hire web design services have existed for well over a decade, many small business owners prefer a more hands-on approach to website creation.

Read on to discover six of the best companies can help you develop a site for your business without requiring you to go out and hire a full web development team.

1. Yola

Based in San Francisco, Yola is a website construction and hosting company that caters to clients with little or no coding experience.

By purchasing one of Yola’s three service packages, customers can take full advantage of a range of tools, including Facebook and mobile networking, an easy-to-use web builder interface as well as the ability to create a website using a professionally designed template. With affordable pricing options and included hosting and domain services, customers can build a quality website for an affordable monthly fee.

2. Wix

This “freemium” online content creation platform offers users the ability to create web pages, mobile websites and personalized Facebook pages through the use of a simple, code-free interface. Users can select one of several objects, ranging from pictures to text, personalize the content and orient it within the web developer interface, creating an instantly accessible and direct method of website creation.

Wix operates on the HTML 5 platform, providing increased compatibility with a wide range of Internet browsers. Customers can pay small monthly fees in order to increase online storage space, create a unique domain and remove advertising from their website.

3. Jimdo

Jimdo provides website building tools for both personal and business use. Using Jimdo’s free website creation platform, individuals have access to a range of content and blogging tools.

Jimdo also offers premium business and “pro” website packages which include a range of utilities designed to facilitate eCommerce, social networking and search engine optimization. Jimdo also provides the tools needed to successfully make your website mobile-ready.

4. Web

Primarily designed for small business use, Web’s powerful hosting and website creation tools can be used to facilitate a range of customer-to-business communications. Web offers a suite of tools for personal website creation in addition to professional web design services in conjunction with their in-house design team.

Web also features an eCommerce platform, which includes store management tools, secure payment options and an extensive analysis suite operated in tandem with Google Analytics. Web can also help customers with domain registration, hosting, SSL certificates and email marketing services. Web offers its services to customers for a flat-rate monthly fee.

5. OnePager

OnePager is primarily designed for use by small businesses looking to enter the world of online commerce. Featuring a range of pricing plans, OnePager can accommodate businesses across a range of personnel sizes and needs.

OnePager provides enhanced SEO optimization tools in order to propel customers’ websites to excellent search engine rankings. Alongside a series of professionally designed themes, OnePager allows users to create websites that are fully compatible on both computer and smartphone platforms.

6. Webs

A Vistaprint-owned company, Webs provides both free and pay-as-you-go plans for website creation and optimization. In addition to a suite of tools facilitating media and text-driven websites, Webs includes a range of hosting services, which provide customers with the necessary tools to create, register, and maintain the web domain of their choice. Webs’ “drag and drop” site-building tools are well-suited to individuals looking to approach their website from the perspective of a designer rather than a coder.

Each company has its fair share of perks and advantages. Small business owners have a wide range of excellent choices when it comes to taking their first steps down the road to a professional web presence.

Have you used any of these services?