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Here at, we’ve seen how tough the 2020s have been on small businesses. So, to honor the Main Street entrepreneurs keeping our country running, we’re petitioning the Small Business Administration (SBA) to designate May as National Small Business Month.

That’s right. We’re taking a stand on Capitol Hill to deliver more support and awareness for hard-working entrepreneurs like you.

Care to join us? Read on for details on how you can join the fight for more recognition.

Why are we doing this?

Every May for the last five decades, the Small Business Administration (SBA) has observed National Small Business Week—a seven-day observance full of awards, seminars, and other goodies.

But despite the week’s tried-and-true history, 2022’s observance arrives at a particularly volatile time. For over two years now, the COVID-19 pandemic has put small businesses through the wringer. Many entities haven’t survived. And those that remain are grappling with a tight labor market, supply chain shortages, rising storefront rents, and record-setting inflation—to name a few struggles.

That smörgåsbord of hardships deserves an extra helping of public support, and a single week doesn’t cut it anymore. As a result, is petitioning the SBA to extend National Small Business Week into an entire month to adjust for these trying times.

What are small-business owners saying?

Our rally for a thirty-day celebration would fall flat without the community’s support. But thankfully, we’ve got plenty of backing from entrepreneurs nationwide. recently polled 700 small-business owners to gauge their support for our initiative. 75% of respondents support designating May as National Small Business Month.

75% of small business owners want small business month

Beyond this initial pulse check, we also queried respondents about the best ways to support small businesses nationwide. Here are the top ideas we heard from the entrepreneur community:

  • Purchasing from your favorite small business
  • Telling friends about your favorite small business
  • Posting about a small business on social media
  • Following small businesses on social media
  • Writing a review on Yelp, Facebook, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and other sites

Ready to join the fight to get small businesses the recognition they deserve?

More resources for small-business owners

Once you’ve signed our petition, check out these additional resources to propel your entrepreneurial dreams.

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We partnered with Pollfish to conduct an anonymous survey of 700 small-business owners with a +/- 2% margin of error with a confidence level of 95%. analyzed the results and compiled this report. To learn more about Pollfish and how it organically finds respondents, check out its methodology.

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