Wix Payments 2023: Should You Use It? Fees, Setup, and More

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Looking for an easy way to accept payments for your online store? Wix Payments might be the right solution. The platform lets you accept ecommerce payments for your small business website with a lot of payment methods, like debit and credit cards, Apple Pay, and more.

Wix Payments also includes helpful tools and features to manage your online store. But be aware of the fees, rules, and restrictions.

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    Straightforward drag-and-drop website builder
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Is Wix Payments right for you?

Do you use Wix to run your small business website? Do you need an easy way to accept online payments or run an ecommerce store? If so, Wix Payments might be right for you.

Wix Payments is an online payments solution that is fully integrated with Wix, so if you already use Wix, this might be the simplest option for online payment capabilities.

Wix Payments has competitive fees and attractive features that make it a great solution for many small-business owners. However, there are a few fees, rules, risks, and drawbacks to keep in mind before you sign up for Wix Payments.

Read more to understand your options to process online payments with Wix Payments.

pro Free–there are no extra fees from Wix; just processing fees
pro Supports lots of payment providers
pro Integrated with Wix websites
con Not all types of businesses can use Wix Payments
con Your customers might not be familiar with Wix Payments
con Only available in 15 countries and 6 currencies

Compare Wix Payments plans and pricing

Pricing (Processing Fees)
Recommended for
Learn more
WixWix payments
2.9% of the transaction + $0.30*
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Customers can pay from any device.
  • One-time or recurring payments.
Small-business owners who already use Wix

Data as of 12/14/22. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.
*Fees for other countries and payment methods vary.

Wix Payments and Wix Point of Sale (POS) are the two options for accepting payments with Wix. If your small business is already using Wix for your website, you can sign up for Wix Payments or Wix Point of Sale. But remember: Wix POS is only available for US-based businesses, and you have to go through a verification process to get set up for point-of-sale payments.

Also, make sure you understand the Wix list of prohibited products and services before you try to sign up for Wix Payments. Not every type of business is able to use Wix for accepting payments. For example, if you sell cannabis products, if your business offers certain types of financial services, or if you offer adult entertainment products or services, your business will not be allowed to process payments via Wix.

Compare Wix Payments vs. competitors

Pricing (Processing Fees)
Recommended for
Learn more
2.9% of the transaction + $0.30*
  • Built-in system for accepting online payments with Wix business website
Small-business owners already using Wix
2.99% plus fixed fee of $0.49 per transaction
  • Accept payments online or in-store.
  • 100+ countries supported
  • No merchant account required
Small-business owners who want easy integrations (including Wix websites)
2.9% + $0.30 per transaction
  • Instant payouts
  • Support for recurring revenue
  • Fraud prevention, and more.
  • Easy website integration
  • 135+ currencies
Small-business owners who are not using Wix for their website builder
3% + processing fees charged by payment providers.*
  • Accepts online payments via PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay or AfterPay
  • In-person payments via Square POS hardware
Small-business owners willing to integrate with an online payments provider outside of their website builder.

Data as of 12/14/22. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.
You can waive the 3% transaction fee by upgrading to the Squarespace Commerce plan.

Wix Payments has competitive fees compared to other leading payment providers like PayPal, Stripe, or Square. But some companies like PayPal offer more currencies or a wider global reach, so if you need to be able to accept payments from many other countries, Wix Payments might not cover your full range of worldwide customer locations.

Squarespace is another leading website builder that offers easy payment integrations. If you are considering whether to use Wix or Squarespace to build your business website, you might want to think about the overall package of features, website design templates, and other aspects of managing your ecommerce website.

Another question to consider: How important are online payments to your business? Do you expect to make a lot of sales via ecommerce, or do you want to sell in-person from a retail store or temporary events and pop-ups? Do you sell professional services in-person, such as carpentry, home renovations, or massage therapy? If you need a more robust Point of Sale (POS) solution, Wix Payments might not be the right choice - but Wix offers Wix Point of Sale plans too.

Wix Payments drawbacks

Wix Payments has a few potential downsides.

Simple integration, but limited features

If you want a more comprehensive solution for online payments, PayPal or Stripe might have more features. For example, Stripe has some compelling features for instant payouts, built-in fraud prevention, and more. Read the fine print on Wix Payments and make sure you’re getting the full range of features that you want to have for your site.

Only accepts payments from a few countries

If you want to sell to customers all over the world, PayPal or Stripe support payments from more currencies and global locations than Wix Payments does.

Not ideal for retail sales

If you want to create an expansive in-store retail presence, you might want to consider a larger point-of-sale (POS) system to process payments from customers “in real life,” not just online. (But be sure to consider Wix Point of Sale for your in-person selling needs.)

The takeaway

Wix Payments is a simple, useful online payments provider for business owners who are already using Wix as their website builder. Wix Payments lets you accept credit and debit card payments directly within your Wix website, as well as get paid by a few other payment methods like Apple Pay and Pay Now by Klarna.

If you want to run your business entirely within Wix and have a built-in website experience, then Wix Payments might be a good solution, though it might not fit for businesses with customers across the globe or who are in industries on Wix’s prohibited list.

Wix Payments has competitive processing fees compared to other solutions. Any company that processes online payments is going to charge a certain fee per transaction, and Wix Payments is well in line with other big names like PayPal or Stripe.

Wix also offers Wix Point of Sale (POS) solutions, with different point-of-sale options for retail stores, depending on how frequently you sell in person and what kind of checkout experience or in-person payment experience you want to have–whether it’s a simple card reader or a complete checkout display and cash drawer.

Want to learn more about Wix and whether it’s the right website builder for your small business? Learn more: Wix Review & How-To: A Versatile Site Builder for Most Needs

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