M&T Bank Business Account Review 2023

We examined M&T’s business offerings and compared it to dozens of other banks to develop our M&T Bank review.
M&T Bank
M&T Bank
M&T Bank
  • pro
    Checking from $10/mo.
  • pro
    Custom banking solutions
  • pro
    Variety of business bank accounts
  • pro
    Many other business products
  • con
    Very high fees on some accounts

Data as of 12/16/22. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

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M&T is an East Coast bank that offers both personal and business banking. It has quite a few different business bank accounts in addition to other business products and services―plus it offers personalized banking solutions. But with the high fees on its more basic accounts, a small ATM network, and branches in just 10 states, M&T is far from being one of our preferred banks.

In this M&T Bank review, we’ll explain more about all that so you can make up your mind about M&T.

pro Custom banking solutions
pro Variety of business bank accounts
pro Many other banking products
con Availability in just 10 states
con Small ATM network
con Very high fees on some accounts

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M&T Bank bank accounts and pricing

As we already mentioned, M&T has quite a few business bank account options, including both checking accounts and savings accounts.

Unlike many traditional banks, M&T lets you apply for many of these accounts through its website. Yes, some of its deposit accounts (the more expensive ones) do require you to go into a branch to open them. But if you want to open a business checking account online, you can just stick to the lower-tier accounts.

Checking accounts

We’ll focus on business checking accounts first. M&T gives you six business checking account options, with some accounts being more specialized than others.

M&T Bank small-business checking accounts

FeatureM&T Simple Checking for BusinessM&T Tailored Business CheckingM&T BizFlex CheckingM&T Interest Checking
Min. opening depositUnlistedUnlistedUnlistedUnlisted
Monthly fee
Monthly fee waivable?
Free transactions1005001,000N/A
Additional transactions$1.00 each$0.50 each$0.25 eachUnlisted
Free cash depositsUp to $5,000Up to $20,000Up to $50,000N/A
Cash deposit fee$0.25 per $100$0.25 per $100$0.25 per $100Unlisted
Overdraft fee$38.50 per item$38.50 per item$38.50 per item$38.50 per item
Open an account

Data as of 12/16/22. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Its most basic account is the aptly named M&T Simple Checking for Business. This checking account has a fairly low monthly maintenance fee, which you can waive by maintaining an account balance of $2,500. Note that you get some free transactions with this account―but if you go over, you’ll pay a surprisingly high transaction fee. So if you plan on making lots of transactions, this may not be your cheapest option.

You might look instead at M&T Tailored Business Checking. It comes with more free transactions and cash deposits. Plus, it can get you a better rate on a Commercial Savings account (which we’ll talk about soon). Of course, you do pay a higher monthly fee to get all that. (But you get three free months when you sign up.) You can waive the monthly maintenance fee in a few ways:

  • Maintain a $10,000 balance
  • $2,000 in monthly spending on your M&T business credit card
  • Merchant services account that deposits into your Tailored Business account

For even more free deposits and transactions, you can pick M&T BizFlex Checking. This checking account has the highest monthly maintenance fee (by far), and you need $50,000 in M&T business checking accounts to waive that fee. So make sure you do the math before committing to this potentially expensive account.

Then there’s M&T’s interest checking account, Interest Checking. It doesn’t come with any free transactions or deposits, and you can’t waive the monthly fee. Instead, you can get earnings credits that offset account fees. Those earnings credits are based on your account balance, so this interest-bearing account make the most sense for businesses with lots of money on hand.

(If you prefer an interest-bearing account with a high interest rate on all balances, we suggest looking at Bluevine business banking instead.)

M&T Bank speciality business checking accounts

FeatureNon-Profit Checking
Min. opening depositUnlisted
Monthly fee$7.50
Monthly fee waivable? bullet
Earns interest? bullet
Free transactions50
Additional transactions$0.50 each
Free cash depositsAll
Cash deposit feeN/A
Open an account

Data as of 12/16/22. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Non-Profit Checking (as you can guess) is designed for nonprofits. It comes with a few free transactions and lots of free cash deposits. This account has the lowest monthly fee of M&T’s checking options, and you can waive the fee with a low $500 balance.

Also, if you happen to be an attorney, Pennsylvania court, real estate agent, or title company, you should know that M&T also has free IOLA, IOLTA, MAHT, and IOTA accounts. (If you’re not one of those things, you won’t need one of these accounts.)

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Savings accounts

M&T Bank also offers three business savings accounts. It has both standard savings account and money market account options, so you can pick what works best for you.

M&T Bank business savings accounts

FeatureCommercial Money Market Savings AccountCommercial Savings AccountM&T Market Advantage for Business Savings
Min. opening depositUnlistedUnlistedUnlisted
Monthly maintenance fee
Monthly fee waivable?
Free cash deposits per cycleUp to $5,000Up to $5,000Up to $5,000
Cash deposit fee$0.25 per $100$0.25 per $100$0.25 per $100
Open an account

Data as of 12/16/22. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

If you prefer a money market account, you can go with M&T’s Commercial Money Market Savings Account. You can waive the monthly fee on this account by keeping a $10,000 daily balance (and note that you need a balance of at least $500 to earn interest). This account uses a tiered interest rate, so you’ll earn more interest on larger account balances.

M&T’s Commercial Savings Account, on the other hand, has a flat interest rate for all account balances (and you only need to keep a $100 balance to earn interest). This account has the lowest monthly fee of M&T’s business savings options, and you can waive that fee with a $300 daily account balance.

Finally, there’s M&T Market Advantage for Business Savings. Like the Commercial Money Market Savings Account, this one has tiered interest (meaning bigger balances earn more). You need to keep at least $1,000 in your account to earn interest, and keep at least $10,000 if you want to waive the monthly maintenance fee.

You may have noticed we haven’t mentioned interest rates. That’s because, again, M&T doesn’t publish its interest rates―usually a sign of low, not very competitive rates. (If you want super competitive rates, Small Business Bank offers a great APY on its savings accounts.)

M&T Bank features

Now that we’ve covered M&T Bank’s business accounts, let’s talk about some of this bank’s best features.

As you may have noticed, M&T offers an impressive variety of deposit account types for a bank of its size (along with loan, credit card, and other financial services that we’ll discuss later). 

That means you can create a banking experience that meets your business’s unique needs―whether you want an affordable checking account for your limited banking needs or a credit-earning account that lets you earn more from your money.

And you don’t have to create that experience alone. M&T Bank offers business bank customers personalized help with picking and choosing bank accounts and other banking services. 

Basically, you’ll talk with an M&T rep who will ask you questions about your business and your industry. Based on your answers, your rep will then recommend specific bank accounts, products, and services for your business―helping you put together a package that’s just right for your banking needs. That way, you don’t end up with a too-expensive bank account or a too-limited business credit card. 

And depending on your industry, M&T may already have a lot of expertise. It offers pre-designed solutions for several business industries:

  • Accountants and CPAs
  • Agricultural businesses
  • Attorneys and law firms
  • Condos and homeowners associations
  • Franchises
  • Medical and dental practices

But again, you don’t need to work in one of those industries to get M&T Bank’s personalized help. You just have to talk with one of its business banking representatives.

So if you want to avoid the one-size-fits-all approach of some other banks, M&T could be just the bank you’ve been looking for.

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M&T Bank vs. other banks for business

Of course, M&T isn’t the only bank out there. How does it compare to its banking competition?

M&T Bank vs. competitors

Monthly maintenance fee (checking)
Bank type
Get a bank account
From $10.00/mo.Traditional10 states
From $16.00/mo.Traditional38 states
$0.00/mo.OnlineAll states
From $10.00/mo. (waivable)Traditional8 states
From $10.00/mo.Traditional15 states

Data as of 12/16/22. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Well, M&T Bank definitely isn’t the most widely available bank (which we’ll talk about more in a second). National and even some other regional banks have more reach than M&T. And then there’s online banks, which operate in all states.

Cost-wise, though, M&T Bank is (mostly) pretty middle-of-the-road. While it’s monthly fees are definitely more expensive than online banks (which tend to offer fee-free checking), it’s on par with many traditional banks and cheaper than some.

That said, we do have to say that M&T has surprisingly high transaction fees on some of its accounts. While extra transactions at, say, TD Bank max out at $0.75 per transaction, M&T will hit you with transaction fees of up to $1. That can add up fast. (And again, both banks are more expensive than online banks that don’t charge transaction fees.)

These comparisons bring us to some of the biggest drawbacks about M&T Bank.

M&T Bank drawbacks

We’ve mentioned some things we like about M&T Bank―like its bespoke touch. But  M&T Bank isn’t right for all businesses―mostly because of its super limited availability.

See, to use M&T for your business banking, you’ll need to be in DC or one of ten states:

  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Massachusetts
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia

(Not doing business in any of those states? No worries―we can help you find the best bank for business in your state.)

And even if you're in one of those states, you’re looking at a very small ATM network when you bank with M&T. It has less than 2,000 in-network ATMs, which could lead to a lot more ATM charges for your business. (For comparison, Flagstar Bank operates in just five states and gets you in-network access to 55,000 ATMs.)

M&T Bank and People’s United Bank merger

M&T is acquiring People’s United Bank. When the deal closes, it will increase M&T’s reach to another four states (but only another 400 or so ATMs).

We do also need to point out, though, that M&T charges ridiculously high fees on some accounts. The $1.00 fee for extra transactions on its Simple Checking account, for example? One of the highest transaction fees we’ve seen from all the banks we’ve reviewed. If you’re not careful with the account you pick and how you bank, M&T could end up costing you a lot.

Still, those drawbacks may not matter that much to you if you’re in M&T’s business area and plan to get one of its mid- or top-tier accounts. And in that case, you might want to know more about the other things M&T can do for you.

Other small-business products and services from M&T Bank

As we said, M&T bank can help you pick more than just bank accounts―it can help you find the right business products and services too. 

So let’s talk more about exactly what products and services M&T has to offer your business.

Small-business financing

Like many a traditional bank, M&T doubles as a lender. 

It has a few different business credit products, including lines of credit, term loans, real estate loans, and more.

Compare M&T Bank’s small-business lending

Min./max. loan amount
Lowest listed rate
Get a loan
Business Access Line of Credit $5,000/$950,000UnlistedUnlisted
FlexLine of CreditStarting at $950,001UnlistedUnlisted
Unsecured Business Installment Loan$10,000/$100,000UnlistedUnlisted
Secured Term LoanStarting at $10,000UnlistedUp to 10 yrs.
Owner-Occupied Commercial Real EstateStarting at $50,000Unlisted5–10 yrs.
Investment Real EstateStarting at $100,000UnlistedUp to 10 yrs.
Equipment financingUnlistedUnlistedUnlisted
SBA 7(a) loansUp to $5 millionUnlistedUp to 25 yrs.
SBA Express LoansUp to $350,000UnlistedUnlisted

Data as of 12/16/22. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

M&T Bank doesn’t publish its borrower requirements for any of these loans, but we can make some educated guesses. Since it’s a traditional lender, we expect M&T wants applicants to have a good credit score (in the high 600s at least), a healthy amount of revenue (probably over $200,000), and an established business (at least two years old).

(If that sounds too strict, you can look at alternative business loans from online lenders instead. Online lenders tend to have much lower borrower requirements.)

Small-business credit cards

M&T also offers a couple business credit cards. They’re both Visa credit cards with no annual fees (a nice touch). If you prefer a lower APR (after that first year), you’ll want to stick with the M&T Business Credit Card. It doesn’t earn rewards, but it has a lower interest rate.

But if you prefer to earn while you spend, you’ll like the M&T Business Rewards Credit Card. It comes with a higher interest rate, but you earn cash back on your purchases (2% cash back the first year, then 1.5% after that).


Finally, M&T offers a few more business services:

  • Cash management
  • Merchant services
  • Business investment services
  • Employee benefits

And now you’ve seen what M&T Bank can do for your business. But before you turn your money over to M&T, let’s check in with existing customers to see what they have to say about M&T banking.

Get a better business bank account

Want affordable banking with great perks? With Bluevine, you can get a fee-free business checking account―and you can even earn up to $5,000 in interest.

M&T Bank customer reviews

M&T has fairly average reviews for a traditional bank.

It earns a 3.3 (out of 5) on Bank Branch Locator and a 1.06 (out of 5) on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). (Businesses get judged much more harshly on the BBB, so that score isn’t particularly low for a bank.)

So what do M&T customers think?

Well, on the positive side, we saw lots of M&T Bank reviews praise specific branches and employees. Quite a few people like the customer service and overall experience at their local M&T location.

On the negative side, we saw some negative branch reviews, some complaints about poor customer service, and gripes about long phone hold time. Mostly, though, the negative reviews came from mortgage account holders who were annoyed that M&T bought their mortgages.

Our experience

We tried calling M&T to ask about some bank account details (like minimum opening deposits), but ended up in hold purgatory. That said, M&T does let you schedule phone appointments on its website, so you don’t have to wait like we did.

In other words, we didn’t see anything too concerning. Could M&T improve its customer service and hold times? Probably. But there’s a good chance you’ll like your local M&T branch―at least for business banking.

The takeaway

As we showed you in this review, M&T Bank offers plenty of business bank accounts, business credit products, and other business services. Plus, it offers personalized help in deciding exactly which of those accounts, products, and services your business needs.

That makes M&T appealing―but some businesses won’t like M&T’s small service area, limited number of ATMs, or simply average customer reviews. You also need to be careful with the account you choose, as excess transactions on some accounts come with startlingly high fees.

So while M&T Bank doesn’t top our list of the best banks for business, it may be a good bank for your specific company. And whether it is or not, we hope this review helped you decide.

Don’t think M&T Bank is the financial institution you’re looking for? Find some alternative checking account options on our rankings of the best banks for small-business checking.

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We looked at M&T’s website, tried to contact it directly, read customer reviews, and did even more research prior to starting this review. To get M&T’s overall score, we evaluated its availability, accounting choices and pricing, customer service options, and more.

M&T Bank FAQ

M&T Bank can be a good bank, depending on how you use it. From what we’ve seen, bank account holders are mostly satisfied with M&T (though experiences can vary from branch to branch), while mortgage customers like it a lot less.

To decide if M&T is a good bank for you, we recommend looking at its account options (which we reviewed above), other products and services, customer service hours, and locations to see if those are a good fit for your specific money needs.

Plenty of banks (including M&T) can work for online businesses, but online banks often provide the cheapest and simplest banking experience. Our favorite online bank is Small Business Bank, but you can find more recommendations on our list of the best online banks for business.

Which bank has the best business account?

Small Business Bank offers our favorite business bank accounts, but the right bank for you depends on your business and its needs. See our take on Small Business Bank and other banks on our list of the best banks for small business.


At Business.org, our research is meant to offer general product and service recommendations. We don't guarantee that our suggestions will work best for each individual or business, so consider your unique needs when choosing products and services.


  1. Bank Branch Locator, “M&T Bank.” Accessed December 16, 2021.
  2. Better Business Bureau, “M&T Bank.” Accessed December 16, 2021.
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