Vonage VoIP Review 2021

Vonage provides tools to integrate with web browsers and business software, and provides round-the-clock support.
Best for businesses looking to scale internationally
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Vonage is one of the leading service providers of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communication, boasting over 100,000 business customers including commercial business names like Siemens, DHL, and Domino’s. As a growing VoIP provider, Vonage says it’s committed to elevating communications based on innovation and future-proofing its business model.

Originally created to bring VoIP to small businesses and individual users, Vonage has expanded its reach and capability, unifying communications and user centers in order to deliver a highly flexible and effective cloud communications platform. But is it best for your business? We take a closer look.

Vonage pricing and plans 2021

Plan name
Starting price
Free trial
Learn more
per mo./per line
Unlimited calls, SMS, team messaging, Vonage App CenterYes
per mo./per line
All Mobile plan features + unlimited meetings, CRM integration, IP desk phone capability, multi-level attendant capabilityYes
per mo./per line
All Premium plan features + on-demand call recording (up to 15 hours), call group, visual voicemailYes

Data effective 05/03/2021. At publishing time, pricing and features are current but are subject to change. Offers may not be available in all areas.

Vonage is best for businesses looking to scale internationally

As a VoIP provider, Vonage offers a wide selection of calling solutions to businesses. This means that businesses can offer their customers communication through the platforms that best suit them, whether that be Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or something else.

The strength of Vonage lies in its solution for flexible and global communication, meaning that Vonage is ideal for businesses looking to scale internationally without losing the quality of their communication—both internally and with customers.

Vonage plans and features

Each Vonage plan includes these key VoIP features:

  • Unlimited calls and text
  • Team messaging
  • Customer service support

The Vonage VoIP phone model is built on making business communications as seamless as possible by offering three calling plans: Mobile, Premium, and Advanced.

While Vonage offers a comprehensive plan price breakdown, each plan can be tailored according to your business’s size and number of employees. You can also add the right hardware and additional features to support your VoIP, but that will cost extra (for example, a toll-free number).

If you run into problems, Vonage provides customer support with phone and live chat options. The Vonage site also has additional resources, such as webinars, guides, infographics, and user case studies.


For small businesses or those that are just starting out with VoIP, the Mobile plan offers basic VoIP features such as unlimited text, calls, and team messaging. There is also a Vonage App Center that enables you to purchase products and third-party software. This plan is great for people on the go, but not for people who want traditional desk phones—those aren’t included in the subscription.


For businesses that use desktop, mobile, and IP desk phones, the Premium plan is for you. It enables you to connect your VoIP system with software such as customer relationship management (CRM) tools. This offering is suitable if you have branches in different states or international offices.


This plan offers a white-glove set up to get your VoIP system up and running quickly. In addition to all the features in the Premium offering, the Advanced plan includes on-demand call recording for up to 15 hours, call group, and visual voicemail. All things considered, it may be worth paying a little extra to get the Advanced plan for email, live chat, and phone support.

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Strengths and weaknesses


Vonage presents a variety of options for businesses of all sizes and locations. This includes a selection of solutions for individual users.

  • Call recording. Vonage offers full call recording functions, letting businesses track calls and understand how their products and services are being received by the end customer. Recording and monitoring calls can also help businesses train new employees.
  • Increased mobility and expansion. When you add a new office location to your business plan, Vonage helps you scale up on your VoIP as you go.
  • Toll-free numbers. Vonage offers businesses a toll-free number, which allows international customers to call free of charge


Existing Vonage users herald the service itself but say that being connected to the right service professional can be challenging, given the scope of industries and areas that Vonage now operate in. Other disadvantages reported include:

  • High cost. Vonage is by no means the cheapest VoIP provider, and despite offering low introductory prices, the costs can quickly increase. The saving grace is that the variety of plans available means that you can find something tailored to your needs without paying for excess services you don’t use.
  • Limited capability. The entry-level plan is limited and includes service on mobile and desktop apps only. Desk phones are not included in the lower-tier plan.
Get your business connected

RingCentral is our top VoIP choice for small businesses because of its unlimited domestic business phone and messaging, starting at just $19.99/mo.

  • Adaptable to your business needs from equipment rentals to toll-free numbers
  • Global infrastructure with an easy setup
  • Easy to scale and find a plan that works for you—regardless of your business’s size

Vonage VoIP FAQ

Is Vonage VoIP any good?

Vonage offers a high level of integration between its cloud system and existing business applications. It provides a wide array of calling solutions and offers businesses a toll-free number service. So, Vonage can provide customers with what is essentially an international freephone service. This increases business reliability and trust, which can lead to a higher conversion rate and happier customers—as well as lower business costs.

Is Vonage VoIP safe to use?

There are two levels of security—one protects the customer and caller’s data, and one protects the business from fraud and hacking. Vonage also offers a real-time fraud detection system that protects your business and customers from losses due to fraud. This runs round the clock with security measures in place to block fraud attempts or attempts by “uninvited guests” to change the phone credentials.1

Is Vonage VoIP considered expensive compared to other common options?

Vonage has three pricing plans (per month, per line, plus taxes and fees). You can choose from the Mobile plan ($19.95), the Premium plan ($29.99), or the Advanced plan ($39.99). The plan you select will depend on your current needs. Vonage prices are comparable with other companies and is a pure VoIP player that you can reliably use to replace a traditional phone line.

The takeaway

Vonage is a key player in the VoIP market. Businesses can use Vonage VoIP services to run their businesses on the go. Vonage also makes it easy to integrate with apps and tools, such as CRM packages.

A selection of features and additional functions enhance Vonage further, with businesses able to tailor solutions and packages according to their needs. With three offerings, there is something for every size of organization depending on your needs.

Still not sure whether Vonage is right for your business? Compare brands with our Best Mobile VoIP Providers of 2021.

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