Divvy Review 2023

Get all the details on the Divvy credit card: how it works, its pros and cons, and more.
Best for card controls
3 out of 5 stars
  • pro
    No annual fee
  • pro
    Up to 7x points earning
  • pro
    Integrated expense software
  • pro
    Unlimited employee cards
  • con
    Negative customer reviews

Data as of 12/21/22. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.
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The Divvy business credit card sounds great on paper. You get a line of credit that gives you integrated expense and budget management―not to mention employee cards, virtual cards, and more. And you get all that with no annual fee.

But does the Divvy card live up to its potential?

For the most part, yes. We like the Divvy business card rewards program, the integrated software, and how much control Divvy gives you over your spending. But Divvy does get some bad customer reviews, and it could offer more clarity about how the card and its application process work.

Want more details? Let’s dig into Divvy.

pro Up to 7x points rewards
pro Integrated budget and expense software
pro Unlimited employee cards and virtual cards
con Negative customer reviews
con Lack of transparency
con Complex application
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Divvy products and pricing

You might see the Divvy business card called the Divvy credit card, but that’s not technically correct. It’s more accurate to say that Divvy’s card is a business charge card that connects to your business line of credit.

So like any credit card, your Divvy card will come with a credit limit (up to $15 million). But unlike a credit card, you have to pay off your Divvy card on a regular basis―you can’t carry a balance from month to month.

Compare Divvy products and pricing

Annual fee
Min./max. credit amount
Rewards rate
Get a card
$0.00Up to $15 million1–7x points
$0.00N/A1–7x points

Data as of 12/21/22. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Note that you do have to qualify for a Divvy Credit line and card―which means a credit check. But if you have bad credit, don’t panic. Divvy offers the Divvy Credit Builder program to business owners with lower credit scores.

The Divvy Credit Builder program lets you use your Divvy card as a secured business credit card. So you’ll basically load funds onto your card, and that will set your spending limit. Over time, the Divvy Credit Builder program can improve your credit score and let you qualify for a normal, unsecured Divvy card.

Either way, the Divvy card doesn't have any annual fee, making it a perfectly affordable business card. Both versions also let you earn rewards points with your Divvy Visa card.

And of course, both versions give you access to Divvy’s software integrations and controls―some truly standout features.

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Divvy features

Divvy offers more insight into and control over business spending than your average business credit card.

See, Divvy lets you have as many employee cards as you want. But Divvy makes it easy to keep corporate spending under control.

It starts with budget software. With Divvy, you can set budgets for employee cards―so no one ever spends more than you want them to. You can also see how your business’s actual budget looks―who’s doing the spending, where they’re spending, and so on. You can also drill down to create budgets for departments, teams, and even specific projects.

Beyond budgeting, Divvy also offers simple expense management. Its software can notify you when employees spend money on their cards, categorize transactions, reimburse expenses, create expense reports, and more―all while integrating with popular business accounting software.

And don’t forget that Divvy also lets you make unlimited virtual cards (great for fraud prevention) and earn rewards on your business spending.

So yes, Divvy Credit gives you the spending power of a business credit card―but thanks to software integrations and other features, it does way more than just that.

Divvy vs. the competition

But how exactly does Divvy compare to the competition? We’ve compared it to some of the best business credit cards to find out.

Compare Divvy vs. competitors

Annual fee
Purchase APR
Get a card
$0.00Unlisted1–7x points
$0.0016.99% to $22.99% variableUp to 5% cash back
$0.0018.24% to 27.249% variableUp to 3% cash back
$0.0017.49% to 25.49% variableUp to 2% cash back
$0.00Starting at prime + 7.99%Up to 1.5% cash back

Data as of 12/21/22. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

The biggest difference: The Divvy card is a charge card, not a business credit card. So other cards come with purchase APR for those times you carry a balance. The Divvy business card, on the other hand, makes you pay your full balance each month.

And while other cards do let you have employee cards with some control over them, Divvy’s unlimited employee cards and robust budget and expense management features do stand out from the crowd.

Those features aside, the Divvy card doesn’t look so different. You can find many business credit cards with no annual fee, just like the Divvy Credit card. And many business credit cards earn plenty of rewards―though Divvy’s maximum 7x points rate is pretty impressive.

In other words, you may find you prefer the Divvy card to other business credit card options. But before you sign up, let’s talk about some of the downsides to Divvy Credit.

Divvy drawbacks

We see many upsides to Divvy, but it does have some downsides worth mentioning.

Customer reviews

Divvy gets pretty mixed customer reviews, with a 3.3 out of 5 on Trustpilot.1

On the one hand, you have lots of positive reviews from business owners who say Divvy was easy to apply for, offers great expense management features, and has good customer service.

But Divvy also gets lots of negative reviews. Tons of them come from business owners who say their accounts got abruptly blocked or suspended―both before and after getting approved for a card. Likewise, you’ll see business owners annoyed that they got pre-approved for a credit but turned down after submitting an actual application.

With such mixed reviews, it’s entirely possible you’ll have a wonderful experience with Divvy―but it’s also possible you won’t.

Lack of transparency

Some of Divvy’s bad reviews likely come from its lack of transparency.

Take the charge card thing, for example. The Divvy website doesn’t make it immediately obvious that Divvy offers a charge card and not a credit card. That’s an important distinction. But you see reviews from customers still calling it a Divvy credit card who are frustrated they have to prepay or pay each cycle.

Put simply, Divvy needs to make it clearer how the card works.

Then you’ve got borrower requirements. Like any company that offers credit lines, Divvy expects to see a certain credit score, revenue amount, and business age. But Divvy doesn’t list any of those requirements. So again, you’ll see reviews from people who got rejected and don’t know why.

If Divvy simply published minimum requirements, it could keep a lot of business owners from wasting their time on an application that won’t get approved.

Complex application

Finally, Divvy doesn’t use a typical credit application. In fact, you can’t directly apply on the Divvy website. Instead, you have to sign up for a demo to see how Divvy works. And only after that can you actually begin the application process.

We saw quite a few angry reviews about that application process. Divvy, of course, requires plenty of personal information about you and your business. You also have to pass a video verification process―and evidently some applicants get blocked during that process. They’re angry not just that they got blocked, but that they got blocked after handing over so much private information.

So yeah, Divvy’s application process could be simplified and sped up. 

Fast business credit card applications

If you don’t want to wait around on Divvy, check out the best instant approval credit cards instead.

Divvy additional features and considerations

Okay, now that we’ve shown you the bad, let’s get back to the good. And believe us, there is more good.


We’ve told you already that Divvy lets you earn rewards, whether you use Divvy Credit or Divvy Credit Builder.

Here’s the interesting thing about Divvy rewards, though: you earn more rewards for paying off your card more often.

Compare Divvy rewards rates

Payment schedule
Recurring software subscriptions
Other spending
Get a card

Data as of 12/21/22. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

If you pay your balance weekly, you can earn up to 7x points―one of the best rates we’ve seen on a business card. But if you make just monthly payments, you max out at 2x points. That rate is okay, but nothing to write home about.

So if you’ve got the cash flow to do so, we definitely recommend paying off your Divvy card weekly. That way, you can earn lots of rewards.

And one final thing about Divvy rewards: Divvy lets you earn a higher rate on recurring software subscriptions. That’s a great category to earn more in, and one we don’t usually see from business credit cards. If you’ve got a software-heavy business, the Divvy card could really boost your rewards.

Credit building

Both the Divvy Credit and Divvy Credit Builder programs let you build business credit. Divvy reports your card usage to credit bureaus, which means your credit score can improve as you use and repay your Divvy card.

In fact, if you’re using the Divvy Credit Builder program (a secured card, as you may recall), you may improve your credit score enough to qualify for Divvy Credit (an unsecured card).

Sure, Divvy isn’t the only business card to report to credit bureaus, but it’s still a nice touch.

Virtual cards

As we mentioned earlier, Divvy lets you have all the virtual cards you want.

Virtual cards offer a great way for your small business to prevent fraud. You can just generate a new virtual card for each vendor you use (for different ad accounts, for instance). That way, you don’t have to widely share your real credit card number.

And remember, Divvy lets you set spending limits for each card you have. So if you use different virtual cards for different vendors, you can make sure no individual vendor can charge you more than you expect.

It’s just one more way Divvy lets you control your business card usage.

Payment services

Finally, Divvy offers Payment Services―a service that has Divvy process invoice payments to vendors for you.

Payment Services lets you earn rewards through your Divvy card (unlike if you paid through more traditional methods). Plus, Payment Services can save you time, since it automates most of the payables process.

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The takeaway

Divvy’s business card and integrated software give you tons of control over your corporate spending. With budgeting and expense management software, you can keep spending under control. But since Divvy has great rewards and features like virtual cards, you don’t have to miss out on any cool credit card features.

But you should know that Divvy gets very mixed reviews―in part because it hides things like borrower requirements and its lengthy application process.

If you fully understand how Divvy works, though, we think you’ll like the extra control its charge card and software offer your small business.

Don’t think Divvy quite fits your business? See the best alternatives on our list of the best small-business credit cards.

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Divvy FAQ

Yes, Divvy Pay (the name of the Divvy app on the Apple app store) is legit. It has thousands of positive reviews on the App Store.2

Divvy doesn’t say how long the approval process takes, but we’ve seen reports of it taking one or two weeks.

Keep in mind you’ll need to provide quite a few business documents to Divvy, and that alone will take some time on your end.

Is Divvy secure?

Yes, Divvy is secure. It meets relevant credit card data handling standards, requires multi-factor authentication to access sensitive information, and monitors for fraud.

How does Divvy Credit make money?

Divvy Credit makes money by taking a percentage of credit card processing fees (the fees a merchant pays to Visa or other card companies). It doesn’t charge fees to Divvy users.


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  1. Trustpilot, “Divvy.” Accessed December 21, 2022.
  2. Apple, “Divvy Pay.” Accessed December 21, 2022.
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