7 Reasons Business Owners Prefer QuickBooks Payroll

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Running a small-business can feel like a reconnaissance mission at times. After all, you need the latest intel on your competitors to stay one step ahead of threats to your entrepreneurial success.

To help you measure up your payroll game, Business.org spoke with seven business owners about why they prefer to use QuickBooks Payroll.

Let’s hear what these entrepreneurs love about this payroll service, as told to Business.org in their own words.

1. Seamless usability

Quickbooks allows me to set up and transfer an invoice online while also enabling my business to receive payments, manage funds and so on. As opposed to having access to the software only through the primary device, Quickbooks can be accessed anywhere. Processing payrolls directly from the software has never been easier.

—Emily Perez, lead manager at Kitchen Infinity

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2. All-in-one support

I use QuickBooks Online for my payroll needs. I chose this program because it provides an all-in-one service when it comes to managing the financial side of my business. I'm able to do all of my bookkeeping, payroll, and reporting in the system, and my CPA is also able to access everything virtually.

Whenever I have a question, need support, or would like for him to take a look at something, he can quickly and easily access my information without me having to make a trip into his office. I'm a big proponent of keeping my business systems, processes, and programs simplified and streamlined and QuickBooks fits the bill perfectly!

—Ashley Cox, founder & CEO at SproutHR

3. Variety of useful features

It is convenient for us to use this software because it can be easily accessed from anywhere. Moreover, it creates invoices, keeps a photo record of every receipt, which avoids any problem during taxes, and provides customized reports for different matters. It also enhances customer experience because this software allows us to send custom quotes and invoices to the clients.

—Matt Bigach, cofounder at Nexus HomeBuyers

4. Can be used right out of the box or customized

We use Quickbooks for all of our business accounting and finance needs, including payroll. There's a reason lots of people use Quickbooks for multiple accounting functions, though. It's easy to use right out of the box but highly customizable for your organization's needs. These days it integrates with a lot of other apps and software, too.

—Christen Costa, CEO at Gadget Review

5. Mobile-friendly application

We initially chose Quickbooks because it is a mobile-friendly payroll application that provided us with an easy-to-use interface, which even the most inexperienced small business owners can be able to navigate. Moreover, through the platform we are able to generate pay slips and promptly send them out directly to our staff. Not to mention it even offers a useful reminder feature that ensures we never forget to send payments on time.

It also provides us with useful features like tax support, all while providing us with a valuable amount of flexibility by syncing our files and data via easy integration with QuickBooks Online.

—Eden Cheng, cofounder of PeopleFinderFree

6. Auto-payroll capabilities

​I am a business owner that uses Quickbooks Payroll for my small business. I am a CPA and have used other payroll software but prefer Quickbooks payroll for a few reasons. There is an auto-payroll feature that you can enable that will not only run your payroll but also file and pay your associated payroll taxes on your company's behalf.

The platform is extremely user-friendly and those without an accounting background can implement and utilize the software. The ability to quickly change direct deposit information for employees or other demographic information for your employees is also quite simple.

The best part is when you onboard a new employee, you can direct Quickbooks payroll to email them on the business's behalf to fill out their information which relieves the business owner of carrying sensitive information on an employee that could potentially be compromised if it is sent via email.

—Jacklyn Strauss, CPA and founder of My Macro Memoir​

7. Its long standing presence in the market

Although it found its way into the market in 1998, QuickBooks is still a popular tool among SMB [small and medium-sized business] accounting because so many professionals have gone on to master the software that it's become a standard among accountants. It can also be attributed to the user-friendly features, easy-to-manage client data, and faster accessibility that has made it popular.

Think of it as the MS Word in word processing technology. Accountants when interviewing for a job interview are also asked if they know how to use QuickBooks, so it's become somehow mandatory to be an expert on it.

—Michael Hammelburger, CEO at Sales Therapy

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