5 Reasons Small Businesses Love OnPay

We asked small-business owners which payroll software they prefer. The resounding choice? OnPay. Almost 30 percent responded that OnPay is their go-to payroll software.

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Want to learn why? Keep reading to see why so many small businesses choose OnPay, and then decide if it might be the right choice for your business too.

1. Overall value add

I am that business owner who wants to spend most of the time on more indispensable tasks and automate anything that seems iterative, which is why OnPay has been my go-to source as a payroll software. Their pricing is slightly higher compared to their counterparts in the industry, but certainly the best in terms of the value offered. Furthermore, OnPay takes charge of your tax fillings, which has been very beneficial to me.

-Ramakrishna R, Co-founder and CTO of CureSkin

2. No hidden fees

At Quiet Light, we choose to use OnPay as our payroll software. Like many payroll softwares, it results in good value for the money you are paying. What sets it apart, however, is the lack of hidden fees that you sometimes come across with other softwares, as well as how simple the software is to use.

-Mark Daoust, CEO of Quiet Light

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3. Ease of set up

The functionality and features offered by OnPay are attractive to us. Our business is on a more “traditional” side and we loved how easy OnPay was to set up. Additionally, the flexibility of OnPay has been amazing.

Payroll is no longer a source of stress for me and my business partner. It's incredibly convenient to be able to process payroll from your phone, as well as in the office.

There's only one thing that should be improved: I would love it if they added the integration with the HRIS platform.

-Dominique Kemps, CEO of The Glassperts

4. Addresses exact business needs

We have multiple reasons to use OnPay. Firstly, we find it very affordable at $36 per month, and additionally, it has an interface that makes it very easy to use. Secondly, the software’s experts custom set the platform according to your business needs. Furthermore, it has options like an automatic tax deduction, HR features, and also provides multiple payment options, including paper checks. Since OnPay offers to tailor their payroll services according to the industry that you are working in, you can find the end result very satisfying and comfortable to use.

-Peter Rossi, CEO of ByRossi

5. Ability to scale

OnPay is one of the most popular options in the category since it is simple to use and offers a lot of features. The product is geared toward small and medium-sized businesses, with a variety of highly scalable applications. Not only can this cloud-based technology expedite payroll processes, but it can also automate tax filing and payment procedures. Hours, tips, reimbursements, and bonuses are all easily recorded into the system, which may also handle distinct operations such as compensation and benefits insurance.

-Jason McMahon, Digital Strategist at Bambrick

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These results are based on a small sample of business owners surveyed by Business.org.

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