7 Reasons 1 in 4 Businesses Choose Gusto

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In the small-business payroll world, Gusto is a popular name due to its user-friendliness and affordability. But the colorful paycheck-cutting service isn’t the only show in town.

So, why do people choose Gusto over, say, QuickBooks Payroll? To find out, Business.org spoke with seven executives and business owners that have a heart-throbbing crush on the payroll platform.

Here are their reasons for choosing Gusto, as told to Business.org in their own words.

Our top-rated payroll software: Gusto

Gusto’s friendly design and full-service payroll system with HR features make it the best overall payroll software provider.

1. Easy to use

When we talked about the best payroll software, it should be straightforward and easy to use. And this is exactly what you’ll get with Gusto. Despite having a very intuitive and simple interface, accuracy is still there. Unlike other payroll software that will only assist you halfway in the setup process and then leave you on your own in exploring other features and settings, Gusto will be with you throughout the entire setup. They will never let you go if there’s still something you don’t understand.

-Robert Gate, founder and chief editor at Archery Topic

2. Lots of features with a good reputation

We use Gusto. It is a well-designed, full-service package with a good reputation and tons of features.

Whatever plan you choose, you get all the following features: automatic payroll runs and new-hire form filing, federal, local, and state payroll tax filing, and child-support payment distribution. You also get accounting software and time-tracking integration, wage garnishment deductions, two-day direct deposits, workers comp administration, and W-2/paystub access for employees. We just love the features and functionality of this software. Even on the basic plan, it does everything we need, and so much more.

-Amy and Andy, the “We” in OhWeCook

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3. Its affordability

My company has been in business for over 13 years since 2008. For the last 3–4 years, we have used Gusto for all our payroll processing, taxes, and worker’s compensation. It is inexpensive even when you have employees in different states: they handle all the payments and reporting to various entities, and it’s easy to set up and use. My company’s employees love it as well! Our previous payroll company was very expensive, made very costly errors, and that was time-consuming. Using Gusto has been one of the best changes I’ve made so I can focus on running the business!

-Nicole Johnson, president/lead sleep consultant at The Baby Sleep Site

4. Exceptional user experience

I use Gusto for its exceptional user experience. It is simple and has intuitive payroll processing. Plus it has customizable reports that help me monitor everything quickly and effortlessly. Its comprehensive mobile version is amazing.

-Thomas Brown, owner of WigsMaster

5. Customer service and support provided

When we recently added a remote full-time employee in a different state, Gusto made it extremely simple to meet all the new requirements with a step-by-step guide. Their customer service is very responsive and knowledgeable. Overall, we're extremely pleased with them as our payroll Provider.

-Eran Galperin, founder of Martial Arts on Rails

6. Personalized solutions

It has different tiers, offering services to small to midsize companies, with each tier having personalized solutions catering to the organization’s size and workforce. The different tier system makes it easier to maximize the services being provided without having to overpay.

In simpler words, it is very affordable with a good value for your money. It is extremely easy to make direct deposits to the employees through the service, especially as it tracks and files taxes automatically. I use Gusto because it works like a full-time automated HR payroll manager for me. Overall, so far, it has been a treat to use. I do recommend it to other business owners looking to invest in all-rounded payroll software.

-Dr. Austin Dowse, CEO at Aimvein

7. Powerful integrations

I love Gusto because it's easy to use and has powerful integrations that make life so easy. It can integrate with medical benefits providers and 401(k) record keepers. Our favorite integration is QuickBooks though (boring, right?), but this is so crucial because it makes our payroll sync perfectly with our accounting software—and I know our accountants appreciate having all the expenses categorized when it's tax time.

-Julie Aragon, CEO/founder of the Aragon Lending Team

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