Inventory Systems: 5 Great Barcode and Scanner Options for Your Business

If you’re looking for a way to close the gap in product accounting, you can do so with inventory systems such as classic barcode scanners, 2D systems, and asset-tracking software. These solutions keep your management team in the loop regarding inventory movement. Here are five great barcode and scanner tools.

1. Classic cordless scanners
Consider the flexibility and low cost of classic barcode scanners. This laser scanner is ideal for retail operations and lighter warehouse functions. It takes up little space, comes with software, and is basic enough for new people to learn how to operate quickly. The best models of this product are known for their durability as well. Some can even withstand six-foot drops on concrete floors without breaking.

2. Pocket barcode scanners
Being able to track the movement and count of products is a necessity in retail and office settings. To do this, you need inventory systems that travel with employees. Pocket barcode scanners fit comfortably on people and some can even read barcodes (including damaged ones) at a distance of over five feet.

3. Combination dimension scanners
When you use two-dimensional (2D) barcodes, you increase the level of information you hold in a small space. Use special scanners to read both one-dimensional (1D) and 2D codes. The range of motion is impressive in these all-in-one scanners; 2D codes can be scanned from 15 feet away, while 1D codes can be scanned from 25 feet away.

4. Heath care scanners
Health care operations have industry-specific needs, such as logging pharmaceutical inventory and making sure patient records are accurate. Barcode scanners for hospitals and pharmacies offer antimicrobial protection to ensure that germs don’t accumulate on the machines. Smart features, like the USB port, allow employees to automatically log inventory into a nearby computer while scanning, with ranges up to 160 feet.

5. Barcode printers as part of complete inventory systems
Inventory tracking software helps you extend your reach beyond physical barcode scanning. Create barcode labels to upgrade accountability. Complete packages, which include a computer, software, and printer, are available. While this investment is extensive for small to mid-sized businesses, if it’s right for your business, this can really help improve operations.

Barcode scanning and creation is necessary for tracking assets and speeding up the sales process. Whether you are in the market for basic scanners or complete inventory systems, you’ll get a real return on your investment.