The 10 Best Dogs to Bring to Work

Dogs have long been called man’s best friend, but they may soon come to be known as an office’s best defense against workplace stress.

More offices are allowing employees to bring their furry friends to work and some are even adopting fully-fledged office dogs who belong to the whole team.

With all this workplace puppy love going on, we surveyed over 50,000 dog lovers to see which cuddly canines they think are best-suited for the nine-to-five grind. Here’s a look at the top ten results from our survey.

1. Pit Bull

While this might not be the obvious choice for top dog, it’s easy to see why the dog lovers we surveyed gave this loyal, low-maintenance breed their vote. Even though Pit Bulls have gotten a bad rap in the media, nearly all problems with these loving companions aren’t really their fault, but stem from misguided or ill-intentioned owners. If you want a gentle dog that’s eager to please and won’t leave you with an extra coat of fur on your derriere this short-hair, low-shedding best friend is the best four-legged office pal you could ask for.

2. Labrador

One of the biggest reasons this friendly, somewhat goofy breed nabbed the number two spot on our list is that Labs are never more content than when they are at your side. And let’s not forget this is just one of several breeds on this list who are consistently utilized as service animals, selected for their obedience, intelligence and easy-going attitude that makes them great helpers and awesome office dogs.

3. German Shepherd

Another well-known working breed, the German Shepherd rounds out the top three best office dogs due to their highly trainable nature and fierce loyalty. No office could ask for a better guard or playmate. Most content when they are surrounded by their people, German Shepherds will bask in all the attention they’re bound to receive in the office environment.

4. Golden Retriever

If you want to stay in shape, then a Golden Retriever in the office to play catch with on your break might be just what the doctor ordered. And let’s not forget how pliable and willing they are when it comes to posing for pictures. If you need a new mascot for your business the Golden Retriever is the perfect choice.

5. Siberian Husky

Not only are Siberian Huskies a beautiful addition to any office, but they will greet every customer as if they are a long, lost friend. Their friendly demeanor and rambunctious personality will brighten even the most stressful work day.

6. Chihuahua

The Chihuahua can fit in your purse or even hide out in a deep desk drawer, but according to our survey there’s no need to hide this cheerful pup who makes every work day a little better. And thanks to their long life-span, your office can expect to enjoy this pint-sized companions company for almost two decades.

7. Pug

These wrinkly-faced little characters will soon win over the entire office with their charming personality and relatively quiet presence. Pugs aren’t likely to bark at every little sound or movement, and that’s nice when there’s work to be done. Although these fellas require some extra TLC when it comes to grooming and general maintenance, they more than make up for it with their enthusiasm for everyone who walks in the door – even the boss’ unruly kids.

8. Boxer

The high-spirited and playful Boxer can be a joy in the office. Watching them paw at their toys is reminiscent of watching a cat play with string and can be the perfect distraction to clear your head after a mind-numbing meeting. Boxers’ tendency to form strong bonds with their family can be a boon to the workplace, especially when the office crew becomes this powerful four-legged friend’s pack.

9. Beagle

Because these cutie-pies prefer human contact to wide, open spaces it’s no wonder our survey placed Beagles at number nine on this list of most office-friendly dogs. These loving, sweet pups will find endless ways to follow their nose throughout the office, spreading smiles in their wake with their wagging tail and boundless curiosity.

10. Rottweiler

Much like our number one pick, this often misunderstood breed is naturally calm and loyal, making it a great match for the office environment. These easily trained dogs want to follow you everywhere and can quickly become an office favorite if they are trained well and socialized early. This muscular canine can also be the perfect guard dog for those late nights at the office.

Is your favorite canine companion on this list? What other breeds do you think make the workday more bearable?


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