The Top Tech Salaries in the US in 2021

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Jobs in technology have continued to grow in number and salary pay. These days, tech workers can earn anywhere from 20% to 85% more than their state’s average salary, ranging from $32 to $58 an hour.1

Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we ranked each state by comparing the average tech salaries to the salary of all occupations. But even if you don’t live in the best-paying areas, the possibility of new work has opened up opportunities all across the US.

If you’re curious how your job compares to these tech salaries, check out our free paycheck calculator.

Average tech salary across the US
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Which states are best for finding tech jobs?

Washington and California beat most other states for tech work due to high job density and a high annual median wage. But they aren’t the only places for tech workers to take home a hefty salary: Alabama, Washington, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia rank as the top five states for tech salaries.

  • Alabama has the best tech salaries compared to all occupations, coming in at 85% more than other occupations in the state. 
  • Washington has the highest average tech wage at $58.96 per hour.
  • Tech workers in nine out of 10 of the top-paying states make over 70% more than the average salary in those states.
  • The District of Columbia has one of the best hourly tech wages and yearly salaries in the nation, but tech jobs only make 20% more than the average salary in DC.
  • The lowest-paying states for tech still make 20% to 52% more than the average salary in each state.
  • Wyoming has the lowest wages for tech in the US, with an hourly wage of $32.52 per hour, or $67,640 per year.

State-by-state tech worker compensation comparison

Average hourly wage for tech workers
Average salary for tech workers
Average salary of all occupations
Percent more that tech workers earn than all occupations
Alabama1$41.69 $86,720$46,84085%
Washington2$58.96 $122,640$66,87083%
North Carolina3$44.19 $91,920$51,01080%
Texas4$45.04 $93,690$52,40079%
Virginia5$51.50 $107,130$60,16078%
California6$56.16 $116,820$65,74078%
Georgia7$44.00 $91,510$51,94076%
Delaware8$47.76 $99,340$56,70075%
Mississippi9$34.48 $71,720$41,60072%
Ohio10$41.48 $86,270$51,51067%
Idaho11$37.65 $78,320$46,80067%
New Hampshire12$45.50 $94,650$56,73067%
South Carolina13$37.06 $77,080$46,23067%
Iowa14$39.34 $81,820$49,28066%
Florida15$39.81 $82,810$50,02066%
Maryland16$50.55 $105,150$63,61065%
Colorado17$48.33 $100,520$60,84065%
Arkansas18$35.28 $73,390$44,78064%
Kentucky19$36.21 $75,330$46,00064%
Missouri20$39.44 $82,040$50,14064%
New Jersey21$50.04 $104,090$63,69063%
Pennsylvania22$42.29 $87,970$53,95063%
Arizona23$41.84 $87,030$53,40063%
Oregon24$44.25 $92,040$56,88062%
West Virginia25$35.29 $73,410$45,38062%
Kansas26$37.70 $78,420$48,61061%
Tennessee27$36.86 $76,660$47,53061%
Utah28$39.82 $82,830$51,43061%
Minnesota29$45.47 $94,570$58,72061%
Indiana30$37.66 $78,340$48,65061%
Nebraska31$38.83 $80,770$50,26061%
Illinois32$44.87 $93,320$58,07061%
Wisconsin33$39.55 $82,270$51,25061%
Oklahoma34$36.33 $75,560$47,34060%
New Mexico35$38.06 $79,160$49,65059%
Louisiana36$35.50 $73,840$46,46059%
Nevada37$38.29 $79,650$50,36058%
Maine38$38.48 $80,030$51,22056%
South Dakota39$33.65 $70,000$44,96056%
Rhode Island40$44.43 $92,410$60,24053%
Michigan41$39.32 $81,780$53,39053%
New York42$49.65 $103,280$67,85052%
Montana43$34.40 $71,540$47,27051%
Massachusetts44$50.67 $105,400$70,01051%
Vermont45$38.55 $80,180$53,42050%
Connecticut46$45.94 $95,550$65,45046%
Hawaii47$40.32 $83,870$58,19044%
North Dakota48$34.53 $71,820$52,45037%
Alaska49$40.02 $83,250$61,76035%
Wyoming50$32.52 $67,640$51,18032%
District of Columbia51$54.78 $113,930$95,33020%

Top 10 metros for tech jobs

  • San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara metro in California has the best pay difference in tech, where tech jobs make 507% more than the average salary.
  • About three hours from San Jose, you can find the next-best tech salaries in the San Luis Obispo-Paso Robles-Arroyo Grande metro area.
  • California, Florida, and Washington have multiple metros with tech salaries making over 140% of each area’s average salary.
Top metros for tech workers

Top tech salaries in the US

The highest-paying tech jobs earn anywhere from $80K per year up to $150K per year. Computer network architects, actuaries, mathematicians, and software-related careers sit at the top of the list. But even the lowest-paying tech jobs, like computer support specialists, still make over $40K a year.

Actuaries are the highest-paying tech jobs, earning 118% more than other jobs with an average salary of $123,180. Actuaries work to prevent, reduce, and otherwise manage risks for companies using analytics, business knowledge, and psychology.

The next highest-paying tech career is computer network architecture, with an average salary of $119,230. Computer network architects create and maintain data communications networks that align with a business’s plans and objectives.

Here’s a full breakdown of tech salaries and employment so you can get a better picture of where you land in the industry.

Regardless of what type of work you do or where you end up in the tech field, you can expect high salaries and ongoing job demand in the future.


We collected the most recent available data for tech salaries from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

We then ranked each state on the percent change from the average annual salary to the average annual tech salary.

We considered tech jobs that the BLS defined as computer or mathematical occupations. You can see the complete list here.


  1. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics,” Updated May 2020. Accessed July 1, 2020.
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