5 of the Best Credit Card Processing Mobile Apps

Online payment apps for mobile devices are revolutionary for many small businesses.

You no longer need a specialized handheld device, or even a merchant account, to handle a credit card payment. All you need is a mobile phone or tablet, an app, and a proprietary dongle. Many businesses, as well as individuals, have caught on to the ease of mobile payment.

Here are five suggestions for apps that offer a hassle-free mobile payment experience.

1. Square (2.75% per swipe, or $275 monthly)

Best mobile payment appsWhen you sign up for Square, you get a card reader dongle sent free to you. It plugs into the headphone jack of your mobile device, and it lets you read credit and debit cards.

After a payment, funds appear in your bank account within 48 hours. You can create custom buttons for each item in your inventory, making ringing up a bill much faster.

And Square’s analytics and reporting give you a comprehensive picture of sales volume over time, by time of day, and more. You also have the option to download your transaction histories.

2. PayPal (2.7% per swipe)

PayPal mobilePayPal, the ubiquitous standard for online payment, also offers a mobile app. The triangular dongle is rather larger than Square’s. PayPal accepts credit card and check payments and can track cash payments.

You can scan merchandise bar codes, charge either a flat or itemized amount, and create product lists for fast order entry. Customers can also use PayPal’s app on their own mobile device for online payment to your business. This may be useful for customers uncomfortable with using your mobile device to process their credit card payment.

3. GoPayment ($12.95 monthly + 1.75% per swipe)

best mobile payment appsPerhaps the biggest draw of GoPayment is its smooth integration with Intuit’s QuickBooks. And, if you have a large staff, it supports up to 50 users. To keep impatient customers happy, you can waive customer signatures for small purchase amounts. And while you can’t track cash payments, you can track tips.

GoPayment sends receipts via email, and customers can authorize adding their email address to your database. GoPayment allows refunds, but for partial refunds you’ll have to use the web app. The app also calculates sales tax based on GPS location.

4. PayAnywhere (2.69% per swipe)

pay anywhere appPayAnywhere offers the same basic formula as the others (dongle + app + website) but has a lower price. There are no hidden fees. PayAnywhere offers each user a unique merchant account; that’s much safer than the shared account used by many other apps. You also get 24/7 live support and an agent assigned to you.

The website offers robust reporting options with sales trend spotting. The site graphs your top sales days and offers a detailed look at transactions. You can have the site email reports to you automatically. There is also a tip calculator that makes entering a tip amount easy for customers.

5. Breadcrumb POS (1.8% + $.15 per swipe)

breadcrumb posThis feature-rich iPad app from Groupon offers several uncommon features. Industry-specific menu templates make setting up product lists easy, and the robust search engine helps you find individual items fast. Item modifiers allow customizing orders to be more convenient.

You can determine which users get access to certain features by using role assignment. The app handles cash payments, and adding various types of discounts is straightforward at checkout. Checkout is fast and easy. You can keep an open tab for each customer. And offline service keeps you in business when your connection is interrupted. To top it off, Breadcrumb offers free processing for the first $5,000 in payments.

Each of these apps provides an excellent solution for online payment processing. Unless you have specific needs addressed by only one or two, you can feel confident using any of them.