Project Management Online Training Courses You Can Finish This Weekend

Online training courses are some of the best ways to refresh your industry knowledge, and you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home.

As sites like Coursera and Udemy are becoming more prevalent, professionals from all backgrounds can get access to high-quality training for a fraction of the cost of most university tuition rates.

Most of these sites even offer select courses for free. We’ve compiled the best project-management online training courses available. Set aside a few minutes between cleaning your house and walking the dog, and you can easily get some university-level instruction without even opening your wallet.


LatitudeU – Effective Project Management

latitude uLatitudeU is a relatively unknown name in the world of online training, but this course offered by Global Mindset is solid. The short, easy-to-understand lessons and interactive exercises make learning fun and interesting. For those who like to know how well they are retaining information, the course offers a unique feedback feature that tracks progress immediately.

Course Level: Beginner

Time to Complete: Approximately two hours and 45 minutes

Training Includes: Multiple Lessons on the four phases of project management and an expected time worksheet

Project Manager – Project Management Training Videos

project managerThe videos at Project Manager aren’t organized as a course, but the Project Manager team knows how to pack tons of value into a few short minutes. The average video is three to five minutes in length, so you could build your own course with 20 to 30 of your favorite videos and still have time to catch a movie this weekend.

Its online training collection currently includes more than 85 videos on topics such as “Your Project Kickoff Checklist,” “What is a Project Baseline and When To Use It?,” “Getting Your Project Management Certificate,” and “Why Not to Depend on Microsoft Excel for Projects.” The organizers will even send you free project-management templates for the next big thing on your to-do list if you like their Facebook page.

Course Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Time to Complete: Two minutes – Several Hours

Training Includes: More than 85 Videos on a variety of topics, blog articles, newsletter, eBooks, training webinars, project management templates, and more

Alison – Fundamentals of Project Management

alison certified learningIf you are looking for an advanced, university-level project management training, you’ll want to check out Alison’s course on Fundamentals of Project Management.

This course is organized into 12 modules, which cover detailed discussions on the methodology, tools, and documentation used to plan and organize various projects.

Be prepared. This high-level training will take significantly longer than the other online courses, but your time will be worth it. If you can set aside most of your weekend, you can complete the training and have a new appreciation for the world of project management.

Course Level: Advanced

Time to Complete: Eight to 25 hours, depending on the user

Training Includes: 90 Lessons in 12 modules, an end-of-course assessment, and discussion forum

Depending on your skill level, time available, and topic interests, you should pick the course that best fits your needs. Setting aside these few hours this weekend will give you a great boost going into your workweek, as time invested in learning your craft and exploring your career path is always time well spent.[cf]js[/cf]