3 of the Best Email Apps to Simplify Your Inbox

According to a study by the Radicati Group, the average corporate user sends and receives more than 100 emails every day. As a result, email overload is a common experience. Your inbox is overflowing; you’re busy with a project, and an urgent message pops up in your inbox that changes the course of your day.

When you’re overwhelmed with emails, it’s difficult to manage your time effectively and get your work done. Thankfully, app developers created some programs that can help make your life easier. Here are the four email apps to help you simplify things.

1. Triage: Email First Aid ($1.99)

Triage is a visual interface that applies a different concept to managing your messages. When you open Triage, you see a small stack of sticky notes that represent your new email messages. You can use Triage to quickly sort through the stack, by replying to messages, archiving them, or saving them for later.

2. Inky (Free)

Inky is a cloud-based desktop app that helps keep your email organized by using a priority system. This app allows you to rank emails in order of importance from 1-10, and over time it starts to identify your ranking patterns and sort email accordingly. Ongoing smart sorting has the potential to save users significant time.

3. Unroll.Me (Free)

Chances are that many of the emails cluttering your inbox come from your favorite websites, stores, daily deal sites, magazines, and newspapers. Before you get so frustrated that you do a mass unsubscribe, try out Unroll.Me. This app helps you unclog your inbox by categorizing your emails into segments, such as news, shopping and daily deals. Then it combines the messages into a convenient digest so you can look through them in a single session. It’s a great way to segment and organize your email, and it makes your inbox seem more manageable. Unroll.me currently works with Gmail and Yahoo email accounts.

Managing your email doesn’t have to be a headache. Thanks to fun advances in technology, you can download an app that aligns with your needs to unclog your inbox. Determining the right solution for your needs should begin with a closer look at your style. Whether you need help with reminders on timelines to answer emails or you prefer an option that gives you a visual-sorting interface, these four apps can help.