4 Helpful Time Clock Apps for Small Businesses

In years past, most businesses used a traditional time clock for employees to physically punch in and out. As technology improves and more businesses hire remote workers, these devices have fell by the wayside. Time clock apps are the new trend and, now, the choice of many small businesses. Thanks to their efficiency and features, they can streamline hour and payment tracking. Here are the top four apps on the market.

1. Timesheet Mobile ($29.99/month)

This web-based app works by allowing employees to clock in and out from their phone from any job site, even if it’s remote. Unlike some other apps, it doesn’t require an employee to have a smartphone, a data plan, or text plan. This helps to accommodate nearly all employees. It can also be used via regular landlines as well. Timesheet Mobile also makes use of its mobile carrier’s secure networks that display the location of the phones used to punch in and out.

This app will then create an online time sheet to accurately keep track of employees’ hours. It can also be conveniently imported to Quickbooks, which makes accounting easier. If someone surpasses 40 hours within a work week, you will be notified via email. Many small businesses like this app because there is no contract to sign and the service can be canceled at any time. It’s also effective if you have several employees.

2. TimeClock ST ($8.99)

If you’re looking for an iOS product that’s straightforward and easy to use, TimeClock ST can be a good choice. It works for iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch for iOS version 4.3 and higher. This is somewhat of a no-frills app that offers the basics without a bunch of useless features. Its user friendliness and intuitive navigation make it popular for people who don’t want to deal with intensive training.

In case you happen to run into problems, TimeClock ST provides users with integrated training videos that explain its features. Reports can be viewed on the app or via email for convenient tracking. Because Apple is continually adding expansion packs, you should be able to access more features in the future. This app tends to work well for businesses with a handful of employees and for owners who want to keep costs to a minimum.

3. PayRecord ($2.99)

This app is available on iPhones and iPads and works well for tracking payments for mobile employees. It’s fairly simplistic and can record regular time, overtime, and double overtime. PayRecord will automatically organize data day by day and by each pay week. One interesting feature of this app is its ability to customize the settings according to your state’s labor laws. Because these laws can vary from state to state, this should alleviate any problems that could stem from miscalculations.

Once data has been accumulated, you can send the information to any email address. This way you can share the data with clients, the payroll office, etc. PayRecord data can also be imported into Quickbooks. It is one of the more comprehensive time clock apps in this price range.

4. Time Card for Android ($3.95)

If you’re not an iOS user and have an Android, this app can be a great solution for time tracking. Numerous users have praised the Android Time Card for its simplicity and efficiency. It works by checking in at the beginning of a shift and checking out at the end. Like the aforementioned apps, you can email time sheets to yourself or others. There are also multiple timers if needed.

Apps have improved many areas, and keeping track of employee hours is no exception. While different products will vary somewhat in terms of specific features, they all accomplish the same goal of accurately tracking data. Utilizing time clock apps should keep your business running smoothly while ensuring each employee receives the correct amount of pay. This way you can spend time working on more pressing issues.