3 Advantages of Using Mobile Apps for Customer Management

Technology has drastically altered the way businesses manage their customer base and engage consumers.

While customer relationship management (CRM) software has been around for some time, there is a growing trend of utilizing mobile apps for customer management.

Team members can access CRM tools on mobile devices, boosting productivity and maximizing sales. Here are three of the most important app capabilities to look for.

1. Features that Streamline Operations

The goal of an app is to provide the right tools to make life easier. That’s why it’s important to find an app that covers all the bases to streamline daily operations.

For beginners, you will want a comprehensive contact list that can be conveniently searched to find the customer you’re looking for. A lead tracking tool will help you monitor a potential customer throughout all stages, so fewer leads are lost and conversions are increased.

Call logging is helpful for collecting phone data in case you need to go back later for review. If you run a product-based business or are in a service-based business with substantial inventory, some type of inventory control system is important. Also, comprehensive metrics and reporting tools will keep you updated on the various aspects of customer management, so you can make intelligent decisions going forward.

2. Allows for Collaboration

Assuming you will have multiple team members handling customer management and working on projects, it’s crucial to find a mobile app with which individuals can collaborate. This will allow one employee to handle one task and input their data while another employee performs a different task.

Information can be conveniently shared so everyone stays on the same page. Consequently, miscommunication can be reduced and you can provide customers with the best service possible. If you outsource part of your workforce or have employees working in different geographical locations, collaborative tools are a necessity.

3. Ease of Use and Quality Performance

A quality mobile app will also be relatively easy to use. An intuitive dashboard that allows you to locate information with a couple of finger taps should streamline the user experience. It should also be highly functional with a rich user interface.

Drag and drop features are ideal because you can seamlessly perform tasks with minimal mistakes. In terms of metrics, having the choice of a variety of data measurement tools like graphs, charts, and scatter plots with color contrasts should make it easy to absorb information.

Top Apps

1. Resco Mobile CRM

The app is used by more than 350 corporate customers, with AutoZone being one of the biggest. It’s known for implementing cutting-edge technology while offering an easy to use interface. One of the key features is a bar code scanner to streamline operations.

There is also photo and signature capturing for taking orders. Additional features include tailored charts and lists on dashboard, GPS tracking, a calendar, and send/reply/forward/track emails.

2. Oracle CRM on Demand Connected Mobile Sales

This is an extension of Oracle’s CRM software and more than sufficient for many businesses. The goal of this app is to provide a rich user experience while maximizing customer management efficiency. An interesting feature is that employees have a choice of easy-to-use interfaces for a highly customized experience.

It offers real-time customer management so team members can be in the loop at all times. It integrates with on-device calendar and contact applications on iPhones. There is also one single source of truth via a customer repository and best of breed analytics.

3. Sugar CRM Mobile

This is another well-known vendor in the customer management industry. Like Oracle, Sugar CRM Mobile is an extension of their regular software that allows team members to be more productive.

Performing key functions is simple with one touch from within Sugar for email, logging calls, text messages, phone, maps, and links. Search and filter for locating information is easy. It can also be used in a variety of languages, which is ideal for businesses that outsource.

Mobile apps are one of the most effective tools for staying productive when you are on the move. Whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the road, you can quickly access customer information and complete many tasks. This puts your business in a position to effectively nurture leads and make more conversions. As you accumulate more data via analytics, you can continually optimize the performance of your business and increase sales.

  • Tekani

    Best free mobile CRM is Bitrix24 IMHO.