Media Temple Review: Does This Tech-Focused Host Live Up to the Hype?

For businesses that demand high-performance servers that can handle scaling traffic, Media Temple might be the perfect web host. examines its nearly 20 different hosting plans so you can see if it’s right for your business.

4.5 out of overall
24/7 expert technical support
Incredibly high reliability
Worldwide trustworthy reputation
Higher-priced plans

Finding the perfect host for your business can be stressful and time consuming. You’re looking for the best website hosting that’ll enhance your website and make it easier to grow your business, not make your life more difficult.

Lucky for you, web hosts have different focuses and strengths. That’ll make your search much more manageable.

But Media Temple might be the kind of host you’ve been dreaming about.

With over 20 years in the hosting game, Media Temple has had a long time to build up a stellar track record as a trusted host: it currently hosts over 1.5 million websites, including some heavy hitters like CBS, Toyota, and Starbucks.

But that doesn’t mean it serves only behemoth companies; even smaller businesses can take advantage of Media Temple’s reliable and fast-loading hosting plans.

Media Temple hosting is best for established businesses that demand reliability

Media Temple offers a range of web hosting services that cater to high-profile websites and expert developers.

But it doesn’t forget about the little guy. Media Temple offers a range of different hosting plans that cater to first-time technology bloggers, scaling subscription-box e-commerce companies, growing marketing groups, and beyond.

If anything can be said about Media Temple, it’s that it offers high-performance hosting plans. With its unique server setup dubbed “the grid,” it can provide very fast, reliable, and scalable hosting, even on the basic shared hosting plans.

However, Media Temple does have comparatively more expensive plans, so it won’t be the best fit for business owners on a budget.

On the plus side, the higher monthly cost does bring some intangible benefits, like access to an expert support staff who genuinely care and even a free website review that’ll point out areas for improvement.

What is Media Temple?

Media Temple is a host with over 20 years of experience in the hosting game. Although it serves large clients like CBS, Starbucks, and Samsung, it makes a point to offer fast, reliable, and secure hosting to creatives and innovators of all kinds.

Full list of Media Temple Hosting web hosting plans
PlanType of hostingStarting price (per mo.)Learn more
PersonalShared$20View Plan
ProShared$30View Plan
EliteShared$60View Plan
PersonalManaged WordPress$20View Plan
ProfessionalManaged WordPress$60View Plan
Level 1Self-managed VPS$30View Plan
Level 2Self-managed VPS$50View Plan
Level 3Self-managed VPS$100View Plan
Level 4Self-managed VPS$250View Plan
Level 5Self-managed VPS$500View Plan
Level 6Self-managed VPS$1,000View Plan
Level 1Managed VPS$55View Plan
Level 2Managed VPS$100View Plan
Level 3Managed VPS$150View Plan
Level 4Managed VPS$350View Plan
Level 5Managed VPS$750View Plan
Level 6Managed VPS$1,500View Plan
Self-managedDedicated$2,000View Plan
ManagedDedicated$2,500View Plan
Data effective 10/1/19. At publishing time, pricing and hosting types are current but are subject to change. Offers may not be available in all areas.

Types of hosting offered

Shared business web hosting

  • Traffic surge accommodation
  • Premium-level features
  • Access to 24/7/365 expert support
  • Higher costs than other shared hosts

The Media Temple shared hosting plans are the cheapest plans you’ll find here. With shared hosting, monthly costs are reduced by sharing hosting space with hundreds to thousands of other sites.

Most shared hosting services (from other companies) aren’t equipped to handle large surges in traffic—like what comes from a viral blog post on Reddit or a mention on Business Insider.

But Media Temple hosting is different. Its shared hosting plans operate on a unique grid service. Instead of storing your site on a single server, it’s stored across a network of servers that are grouped together. So even during peak traffic, your website will stay online.

And yes, the price is higher, but you’re paying for quality: you’re getting premium-level hosting at a fraction of the price.

Beyond the higher monthly cost, the shared hosting plans differ in storage, bandwidth, and security features offered—the higher the plan, the greater your storage, bandwidth, and bundled site protection features.

Shared hosting plans
Plan namePrice (per mo.)StorageBest forView Plans
Personal$2020GBRunning a blogView Plan
Pro$30100GBBuilding client sitesView Plan
Elite$60250GBRunning an e-commerce siteView Plan
Data effective 10/1/19. At publishing time, pricing and features are current but are subject to change. Offers may not be available in all areas.

Managed WordPress hosting

  • Support for high volume of monthly visitors
  • Expert WordPress support team
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Expensive monthly plans

WordPress consistently ranks as the number one content management system in the world.1 When you use WordPress to run your site, you join the ranks of notable companies like the New Yorker, MTV News, and Mercedes-Benz. But even smaller sites can take advantage of this super flexible CMS.

If your site is currently powered by WordPress (first of all, brilliant decision), you should probably be using WordPress hosting. Shared hosting can work for a while, but once your site starts to pick up steam and you’re seeing hundreds of visitors per day, it’s time to upgrade.

Media Temple has built its WordPress hosting from the ground up, meaning they have servers that have been optimized specifically to run WordPress. You get super-fast loading speeds, round-the-clock security monitoring, malware detection, and a fully managed server, so all of the technical tasks are taken care of—all you have to do is focus on growing your site.

Luckily, Media Temple also makes choosing your plan simple. You have a choice of only two plans. The Personal plan will support you up to 250,000 visitors per month, and if you go beyond that, the Professional plan has your back.

Managed WordPress hosting plans
Plan namePrice (per mo.)StorageMax. traffic (per mo.)View Plans
Personal$2050GB 250,000View Plan
Professional$60200GB500,000View Plan
Data effective 10/1/19. At publishing time, pricing and features are current but are subject to change. Offers may not be available in all areas.

VPS hosting

  • Very fast loading speeds
  • Support for scaling levels of traffic
  • Uptime guarantee
  • Expensive plans

The benefits of VPS hosting are pretty straightforward. But the technology behind it is a little complex, so let’s break it down a bit. Using VPS hosting is like living in a luxury high-rise condo. Sure, you have neighbors, but you barely know they exist. The only thing you share is the physical building infrastructure.

Essentially, you’re getting access to the resources of a dedicated server at a fraction of the price. So you get enhanced security, support for growing traffic levels, and very high server uptime without having to purchase a dedicated server (which we get into below).

Before you get too excited, the VPS plans offered here can get a little overwhelming. But essentially, you have three choices: self-managed, managed, and fully managed.

If you’re a developer who’s comfortable with the command line, then self-managed is the way to go.

But if you’re a business owner who’s only here to pick up the benefits of VPS, then go with managed or fully managed. A managed plan will operate similarly to shared hosting, so it’s oriented toward beginners, while fully managed means Media Temple’s team will handle everything related to optimizing your server for speed, security, and more—like having a full-time IT staff behind your site.

VPS hosting plans
Plan namePrice (per mo.)UptimeHosting typeView Plans
Level 1$3099.99%Self-managedView Plan
Level 2$5099.99%Self-managedView Plan
Level 3$10099.99%Self-managedView Plan
Level 4$25099.99%Self-managedView Plan
Level 5$50099.99%Self-managedView Plan
Level 6$1,00099.99%Self-managedView Plan
Level 1$5599.99%ManagedView Plan
Level 2$10099.99%ManagedView Plan
Level 3$15099.99%ManagedView Plan
Level 4$35099.99%ManagedView Plan
Level 5$75099.99%ManagedView Plan
Level 6$1,50099.99%ManagedView Plan
Data effective 10/1/19. At publishing time, pricing and features are current but are subject to change. Offers may not be available in all areas.

Dedicated server hosting

  • Incredibly fast, secure, and reliable server
  • Managed plan for easy dedicated server operation
  • Expensive costs that deter most website owners

Earlier, we touched on a few of Media Temple’s clients, and you probably noticed some big companies. You can bet that most of them are hosting their sites with the dedicated hosting plans featured here. Just look at the prices below—you’ve got to be generating serious revenue to afford monthly hosting fees like that!

Essentially, dedicated hosting gives your website access to nearly unlimited server resources. You have access to an entire physical server that’s 100% dedicated to your site and your site alone. Compare this to shared hosting where that same physical server could be split between hundreds or thousands of other websites.

With all of these server resources dedicated to your site, you can support very high levels of traffic (multiple millions of visitors per month), have a very large website, and have enhanced levels of security across the board.

As mentioned above, all of this does come with a pretty steep price tag. This style of hosting will be for only a particular kind of website: one with a ton of traffic or sensitive information (like credit card numbers). People or companies who do end up using dedicated hosting will usually upgrade their way there, from shared hosting, to VPS, and eventually to dedicated.

Truthfully, the dedicated hosting plans here at Media Temple are some of the costliest on the market. But if you have the budget for it, have skyrocketing traffic levels, and require very high levels of security, then it might be worth considering.

The choice you’ll have to make between the two plans below is whether to go self-managed or managed. With the self-managed plan, every single task related to setting up, managing, and optimizing the server will be your responsibility. With the managed plan, you’ll get the assistance of their expert technical staff plus control panel access, so it’s as easy as running a beginner shared server.

Dedicated server hosting plans
PlanPrice (per mo.)UptimeServer managementView plans
Self-managed$2,00099.99%Command lineView Plan
Managed$2,50099.99%Control panelView Plan
Data effective 10/1/19. At publishing time, pricing and features are current but are subject to change. Offers may not be available in all areas.
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How Media Temple stacks up against other hosting companies

Uptime guarantee

Your website needs to be online when your customers and visitors need it the most. Luckily, Media Temple offers your website incredible uptime. All of its plans regularly check in with an uptime of 99.99%; this means your site will be offline for roughly four minutes on any given month—not bad, right?

Not every plan comes with an uptime guarantee. But if you choose one of the VPS or dedicated server plans, then you’ll be protected by a 99.99% uptime guarantee. And if you have less than the promised uptime, you’ll get a 20% refund on your total hosting costs for that month.

Loading times

Media Temple offers you lightning-fast loading speeds, even on their shared hosting plans. The unique grid-based architecture allows them to get around issues that commonly slow down your site, like server maintenance or technical issues, traffic overloads by other sites sharing a server, or even too much traffic on your end.

No matter what plan you’re on, you can expect loading speeds that are on par with other speedy hosts in the industry.

Customer support

Media Temple maintains a 24/7 US-based support team that’s staffed by technology professionals. No matter the hour of the day, you can call, live chat, send a support request, or even tweet its team and expect a speedy and helpful response.

You’ll also find an extensive community section full of guides and tutorials that are specific to your hosting plan.

If you require even more advanced levels of support—like security and performance fixes, website optimization, site setup, and other technical tasks—you can sign up for Media Temple’s advanced CloudTech support for a monthly fee.


Every plan offered by Media Temple has features that’ll help to protect your site. For example, even the cheapest shared hosting plan has DDoS and intrusion protection; this means your website will be continuously monitored and defended from online risks.

Higher-level shared hosting plans offer even higher levels of protection, with CDN integration and advanced firewalls built side by side with the industry-leading security company, Sucuri. With this level of protection, your site will be impenetrable.

For business owners who demand even more protection, you can add a Security Pack to any plan. It’s equipped with too many features to dive into here, but it’s basically like having a team of security experts dedicated to protecting your site.

However, most plans aren’t equipped with SSL certificates (which you’ll want to secure your site), so you’ll have to add this to your plan for an additional yearly fee.

Customer reviews

Media Temple packs a serious punch. The general consensus across the web is that it’s a high-quality web host that offers breakneck loading speeds, reliability even during times of peak traffic, and enough plan flexibility to cater to complete beginners all the way up to experienced developers.

The fact that it hosts over 1.5 million websites, including some of the biggest brands in the world, should speak volumes about the service.

FAQs about Media Temple

Can Media Temple be used with WordPress?

Yes. You can technically run a WordPress site on any of the hosting plans. But if you’re looking to get the fastest loading times, highest levels of security, automated updates, and more, then you’d be smart to host your site on one of the Managed WordPress hosting plans. These plans are on par with hosting companies, like WP Engine, that offer only WordPress hosting.

Where are Media Temple’s servers located?

Media Temple hosts websites across two different server locations. The first is located in Ashburn, Virginia. The second is located in El Segundo, California.

Does Media Temple offer a website builder?

No. Media Temple no longer offers a website builder with their hosting packages. They used to partner with the Virb website builder, but that partnership no longer exists.

Does it offer any e-commerce features?

Media Temple has all the hosting you need to start and grow your e-commerce store. But if you’re looking to learn how to create an online store or looking for the best e-commerce website builder, then you’ll have to look elsewhere. Media Temple offers only high-performance hosting to support your growing store.

Still, its hosting packages are focused on helping you achieve the best site performance, all while supporting growing traffic levels and daily transactions.

The takeaway

Media Temple is a unique hosting provider that offers premium-level hosting features across every single plan. This means that even people who choose the basic shared hosting packages will be getting a lot more than they’re paying for.

Overall, Media Temple is a straightforward and honest host that truly values its customers. You can expect near perfect uptime, and having your site go offline due to a traffic spike will be a thing of the past.

Sure, the hosting plans are more expensive across the board. But if the steep fees don’t scare you away, you’ll get a host that offers the latest hosting technology, incredible uptime, fast loading speeds, and a technical support team that actually cares.

Still not sure which hosting provider works best for you? Pinpoint your needs and narrow your focus with our guide to finding the right hosting service.


At, our research is meant to offer general product and service recommendations. We don’t guarantee that our suggestions will work best for each individual or business, so consider your unique needs when choosing products and services.


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