4 Things to Consider When Setting Up Business Email Accounts

Business email accounts can add a level of professionalism and prestige when you interact with staff and clients. Once you’ve established your domain name, you can establish email services. Here are a few tips for having successful business email accounts.

1. Approve your domain name.
Before you set up company email addresses, review your branding efforts one last time with respect to your website domain name. While you can change it down the road if need be, you avoid hassles by changing the web domain before completing email setup. Finalize your company plan for the coming years, and then look to modernize communication systems.

2. Set up subsections under your domain name.
Separating different elements of your company under a single domain name, such as john.sales@yourbusiness.com, helps expand a business’s reach while giving customers access to different departments. Email addresses serve as departmental reminders, both internally and externally, as well as advertisements of the services you offer in the company.

3. Archive company emails.
Company emails become the official record of every part of your business, providing you with a paper trail of all communication happening via email, both in and out of the company. Include archiving services in your email program when you sign up for the service. Emails serve as a point of reference if you need to recall old information for new projects, as well as a form of protection in the event anyone brings charges against your company.

4. Get administrative support to handle glitches.
Business email accounts require maintenance and, occasionally, major servicing. When you sign up for an email service provider, make sure your IT staff is trained on what to do if there is an email outage or how to handle company-wide email updates. This will help in the future so you don’t have to spend time without email, which can hinder a workday.

Business email addresses are an essential element to the success of any company. Take the time to plan your account setup, and your company’s image and quality of organization will improve. Plus, you open up a way for clients, both current and potential, to easily communicate with you.