4 Startups Leading the Fitness Tech Revolution

The number of heath related startups has grown over the last decade, and one particularly hot niche is fitness. Considering May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, it’s the ideal time to spotlight startups that are on a mission to improve our physical health through innovative technologies.

Read on to discover four startups that are leading the fitness tech revolution and destined for success.

1. FitStar

Fitstar is a San Francisco based fitness focused technology startup that aims to help people live healthier lives through innovative health and fitness apps.

It’s no secret that the app market is flooded with fitness related products, but Fitstar is different. Not only does it offer a clean layout that makes it ridiculously easy to use, it also tailors your workout to your needs. Load the app, answer some question about your current fitness level, and Fitstar immediately identifies your fitness weaknesses and develops workouts to strengthen them.

One of the best features of Fitstar is that it offers workouts as short as seven minutes, so you can make the most of your lunch break or get invigorated in a flash when you’re feeling sluggish. And no fancy gym equipment is required! Fitstar is like having a personal trainer right by your side without the expense. In fact, the basic version of Fitstar is free.

Founded by Mike Maser and Dave Grijalva, Fitstar has received an impressive $5 million in funding.

2. GoRecess

Find and book the fitness class of your choice, right from your smartphone. Sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t, thanks to Megan Smyth and Billy ArztIn, the brains behind GoRecess.

GoRecess is dedicated to shaking up your workout routine by infusing it with variety, flexibility and fun. Get GoRecess and you’re no longer strapped to the classes offered at the gym you belong to. In fact, you may give up your gym membership altogether.

Download the GoRecess app and start exploring fitness classes and activities located at health clubs and studios around the corner or across the country. From kickboxing to Pilates, spinning to yoga, GoRecess opens up a new world of fitness related opportunities. Once you find the fitness class you’re in the mood for, simply enter your information and billing details to secure your spot. You can add the class to your virtual calendar, and even invite friends to join you. Perfect for the frequent traveler, GoRecess helps you get your sweat on no matter where you roam.

Founded in 2013, GoRecess was selected as a finalist for the Nike+ Accelerator Program powered By TechStars.

3. Wello

Say goodbye to the gym and hello to Wello. Wello delivers fitness when and where you want it, and tosses in the guidance and motivation of a personal trainer to ensure your success.

Sign on to Wello, pick the type of activity you want to take part in, and then tell Wello when you want to do it. All you need is a webcam and Internet access to enjoy a one-on-one consultation with a trainer or jump right in and get your heart beating with the workout of your choice. If you’re motivated by a group setting, you can opt to join a Wello class. We love Wello’s wealth of fitness choices, and its myriad of classes tailored to specific populations, such as moms-to-be.

Fast, flexible and impressively affordable, you’ll have no trouble saying so-long to your couch-potato lifestyle once you welcome Wello into your world.

Wello launched about two years ago and has raised approximately $1 million in seed funding. According to Tech Crunch, Wello may soon be acquired by Weight Watchers.

4. GeoPalz

With childhood obesity on the rise, we think GeoPalz is on to something huge. It’s the Ibitz Powerkey, a kid friendly fitness tracker designed by the fitness tech startup.

The Ibitz Powerkey is essentially a pedometer affixed to a dongle. Ramp up Powerkey’s muscle by connecting it to a smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, and turn your kid loose. As she accumulates “steps” she’ll be granted “keys” that unlock rewards, games, and even prizes. In a decidedly smart move, GeoPalz created a variety of Ibitz Powerkey designs to let your little one express herself. From soccer balls to peace signs, lady bugs to sculls and skateboards, she is sure to find just the right Powerkey. The Ibitz Powerkey costs $25 and is compatible with both iOS and Android. GeoPalz makes a similar product, the Ibitz Unity, for moms and dads.

Founded four years ago by three parents, we’re betting this Boulder, Colorado based startup is one we’ll be hearing more of.

According to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, the obesity rate in the U.S. is nearly 30 percent and American’s categorized as “overweight” make up another 35 percent of the population. We hope that the fitness tech startups we’ve featured this week will help American’s get active and healthier in 2014.  Which one interests you the most?

Image: FitStar Facebook Page