5 Sales Analysis Software Providers for Your Business

Sales analysis software helps management understand the story behind the numbers and how the sales staff can improve performance in the following quarter. This software can even be used to help with yearly projects as well. The following five software packages, with options in software as a service (SaaS) and traditional platforms, help your company make sense of overwhelming data streams.

1. iQ for Business (iQ4bis)
Both sophisticated and user-friendly, the iQ4bis Analysis software is great for business owners looking for complex reports with every feature. The idea behind this software was to deliver as many options for sales teams as possible. Use this SaaS solution to integrate three-dimensional tools, like Google maps, with ease. You can also use it to identify changes in reporting up to the wire, which can be useful for presentations to the company as a whole or to any financial backers.

2. sci400
Software Concepts’ sales analysis software tops the list in usability and simplicity. This choice doesn’t offer the visual flair of the competition, but its bar chart format delivers useful data in understandable formats. The sci400 reporting tools can be integrated with other platforms, which makes collaborating with different departments and sharing with clients easier. The power reporting feature processes data from seven years’ worth of records.

3. IBM Smarter Analytics
As the name suggests, this IBM platform attempts to surpass competition in every aspect of analytics and reporting. Knowing how to organize data is the key to learning from successes in the business, as well as mistakes. The IBM business analytics platform is helpful for predicting outcomes and determining risk, as well as computing data and delivering concise, clear reports to your staff.

4. Zoho Reports
Featuring impressive, eye-catching visuals and plenty of analytics tools, Zoho Reports takes your company’s performance to the next level. By making clearer analyses, you’ll put customer relationship management (CRM) data to better use while investigating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Zoho offers maximum flexibility, even allowing the integration of Excel spreadsheets and third-party software data. You won’t need much time to adapt if you upgrade to this software.

5. MSD Sales
MSD software helps business owners running on PCs who intend to stay with Microsoft. MSD software gives you the tools to look at sales data in a variety of ways while using minimal computer memory space. Your team can create models using tables, decision cubes, or multiple charts. Filter data to make sales reports clearer and more relevant. MSD’s security features are the best in sales analysis software.

When you’re to the point that Excel sheets are not enough for your business sales reports, it’s time to upgrade to advanced analysis software. These five choices offer businesses quality solutions.