4 Types of Conference Room Technology That Can Improve Company Meetings

Holding meetings in the company conference room is the perfect setting for collaboration and discussing new ideas. However, the tools of the past were often limited, which often made it difficult to get your message across. With today’s technology, you can streamline your efforts and get even more from these sessions. Here are four types of conference room technology that can enhance the experience and improve company meetings.

1. Apple TV

With a reputation for innovation and simplicity, this Apple product can be the perfect addition to a conference room. It’s a small device that can be linked up to a large screen television with an HDMI cable and synced up with iOS compatible devices like MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones. Due to its wireless connectivity, you don’t have to deal with a bunch of video and audio cables that are ugly and can get in the way. Once connected, you can view numerous forms of media including documents, spreadsheets, videos, presentations, and images. If your business primarily uses Apple products, this device can be an excellent investment and optimize your meetings.

2. ChromeCast

It seems like Google has its hand in almost everything these days, and wireless television is no exception. This device is similar to Apple TV, but comes with a less expensive price tag at $35, which is considerably lower than Apple TV’s at $99. It also plugs into an HDMI port and connects wirelessly to a large screen television. You can then “cast” presentation content to your television. If you’re a heavy user of Google Drive, this can come in handy for displaying Google documents, spreadsheets, forms, drawings, and presentation slides. This guide from Tech Republic highlights the set up process in detail and explains how to fully take advantage of ChromeCast.

3. Interactive Whiteboard

This form of technology draws upon the concept of a traditional whiteboard, but improves it dramatically. To set it up, it requires a computer, projector, and the interactive whiteboard itself. Once everything is running, you can project content from your computer onto the whiteboard. You can then use an electromagnetic pen, a stylus, or your finger to manipulate the whiteboard like you would with a mouse. It’s great for sharing charts, graphs, statistics, websites, or anything else you need to with team members. This is a massive improvement from traditional whiteboards where you had to use dry erase markers and were limited in the content you can present.

4. Videoconferencing Tools

This is another type of conference room technology that can bridge the communication gap. When certain team members are unable to physically attend a meeting, using a videoconferencing system is the next best thing. The installation and set up process for this type of system is relatively easy to do and allows you to interact with participants on a large screen TV. Many systems have the option of videoconferencing with multiple parties simultaneously. Some even allow participants to videoconference with you via mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. This way you can hold important meetings practically any time and be more productive. If you’ve got a dispersed workforce where many employees are operating in distant locations, this is a valuable form of technology to have.

Implementing any one of these types of conference room technology can put your company on the cutting edge. With a little investment, you can keep the communication between employees flowing and bring your ideas to life. This will help your business run more efficiently and minimize miscommunication.