What to Consider When Offering Free Wi-Fi to Your Employees

For many businesses, free Wi-Fi Internet access for employees is no longer optional; it’s essential. Employees and customers rely on a range of mobile devices that require an Internet connection. Offering free Wi-Fi keeps everyone productive and connected.

If your business is planning to make the transition from traditional wired Internet to wireless, here’s what you need to know.

Define your Goals

You want to choose a reliable and professional wireless Internet service. This helps minimize downtime and bandwidth delays, increasing your business productivity. But with countless options available to you, how do you select the right provider for your company? Start by making a list of your requirements. Things to consider are budget, security, range, technical support options, and scalability. Defining your goals will help you prioritize your choices as you look at the business grade Internet providers on the market.


If your business is in the startup phase, your budget for a wireless upgrade is probably going to be tight. Many professional Internet providers offer low cost Wi-Fi plans that can be modified over time as needed. Prices may be determined by bandwidth used, number of devices connected or the overall internet speeds. Choose a flexible provider that allows you to make changes to accommodate your company’s growth.


A secure connection is a must for your business. The last thing you’d want is for sensitive client or financial data to be leaked over an unsecured Wi-Fi network. Before you choose a provider, make sure you inquire about the steps they take to protect your network from potential threats. The best options include password protecting your service, authenticating devices and encrypting your data.


Wi-Fi transmitters cover a specific area. If you have a large office, offices on multiple floors, or staff disbursed throughout multiple buildings, your internet range is going to be a concern. Select a service that offers the range your employees need to stay connected. Typically, Internet providers will set up multiple access points to improve connectivity in larger work spaces. Others offer a single device that broadcasts over a wide range.

Technical Support

Technical support is another consideration, especially if your Wi-Fi goes down during a critical time of year. You need to know that your provider will be able to resolve potential issues quickly. Talk with wireless providers about their technical support teams. Many professional companies offer around the clock support for businesses in case your business Internet goes down without warning.


Most professional Internet companies offer several plan options for businesses. If you anticipate growth in the coming year, talk with potential providers about your options. Sometimes upgrading is as simple as adding some new access points to your existing system. A quick discussion can help you understand what it would take to scale up your service and how much any changes might cost.

If your employees are active on laptops and mobile devices all day, it may be time to make the switch from traditional wired Internet to Wi-Fi. This simple change can help improve employee productivity and increase collaboration among team members.