3 Reasons Your Company Should Upgrade to a Wireless Network

We’ve all accessed the web through a wireless network, whether at the library, coffee shop, or airport. If you are a business owner who currently has a wired network, there could be several benefits to adding Wi-Fi to your IT system as well.

Here are three things to consider when you’re thinking about adding a mobile network for your business.

1. Make web access easier for your employees.

If your employees often bring their own devices to work or frequently access documents on your business’s server during meetings, then adding a Wi-Fi network may be a good choice for your company. Wireless can help improve your employees’ productivity by letting them conveniently connect from anywhere in the office. They won’t miss an email, they won’t have to go back to their desks in order to print copies of a document for a meeting, and they can easily access details about products using their mobile devices when talking with customers on the sales floor.

Wi-Fi also makes it easier to integrate productivity solutions such as iPads, mobile payment systems, and virtual display screens. If your employees are constantly on the move and would benefit from increased connectivity, then a Wi-Fi network could be a good investment for your business.

2. Wi-Fi could help you attract more customers.

Depending on the type of business you run, a Wi-Fi hotspot can be a huge draw for customers. For example, if you own a small neighborhood coffee shop or restaurant, then Wi-Fi is probably going to be an excellent selling point for your business. If you regularly host customer meetings in your office space, Wi-Fi enables active collaboration while clients are onsite. It’s time to explore your options if you feel as though wireless Internet access could enhance the customer experience and increase your business’s foot traffic.

3. Wi-Fi helps with expansion and growth.

If your business is rapidly expanding or you are looking into renting a new space or reconfiguring your existing office, it’s time to evaluate your take on wireless. Many offices have found a Wi-Fi investment to be both cost efficient and timely when it’s part of a bigger effort. While a wired network may be good to have at people’s desks, the cost of moving all of the wires around can outweigh the benefits.

Wi-Fi will help you cut down on the costs of rewiring and moving hardware in your new or reconfigured space. And if you are hiring many new people, it makes it much easier to get them set up on the network quickly. Furthermore, a wireless network can reduce your downtime in the event of a move. If your business is growing rapidly and you are constantly rearranging desks or setting up new cubicles, then a wireless network may be a good solution for you.

Wired networks were once the gold standard in connectivity, but they are slowly becoming a thing of the past for many businesses. Wi-Fi continues to grow in popularity because it is much more flexible and typically less costly. If a mobile network would provide clear benefits for your employees and your customers, then it’s time to make the transition from wired. Talk to your Internet service provider or visit a local electronic retailer to learn more about the hardware requirements for your space and business.