5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Company’s IT Department

Whether it’s hardware, software, computer networks, or Cloud-based data storage, many companies simply can’t function without an IT department. While operating and maintaining IT in house is a good option for some businesses, many others are better off outsourcing to a third party vendor.

Here are five benefits of outsourcing your company’s IT needs through managed services.

1. State of the Art Technology

Part of running an efficient IT department is having access to top of the line tech and continually making system updates. Without integrating the latest technology, your business can quickly fall behind the competition. Acquiring and learning recent technology can pose a problem for small to mid-sized businesses because they lack often the finances and manpower. Outsourcing is ideal because a quality provider will stay on top of new tech and keep their system up to date. This way, your business can take advantage of cutting edge technology.

2. Lower Cost

In terms of financial benefits, you can save money on both equipment and labor. The cost of equipment such as servers, computers, and telecommunications equipment can add up in a hurry, and ongoing maintenance can be even more. Paying the salaries of in house IT employees is an additional expense that can drain your budget, and replacing workers is a hassle. Using the services of a third party vendor is smart because you can find an affordable plan that’s tailor made for your business. Your overhead costs are slashed dramatically, and labor costs are also reduced.

3. Upper Level Talent

When it comes to the qualifications and knowledge of IT workers, there can be a significant disparity. Outsourcing to a professional vendor usually guarantees that workers meet the right qualifications and have all the certifications to perform their jobs at a high level. These providers pick the cream of the crop and often require their employees to participate in ongoing training to stay up to speed on technological advancements. This ensures that your company gets the best possible service and always has technicians on hand to fix any problems that may occur.

4. Better Security

One issue that needs to be addressed when information is stored and exchanged electronically is security. Keeping sensitive information out of the wrong hands is critical or you can end up with a major security breach. Although companies running an IT department in house probably take some type of precautions, it’s unlikely to equal that of a professional provider. Whether it’s securing applications, performing vulnerability assessments, setting access controls, or installing physical security, you always know that your information is being safeguarded. Consequently, you are less prone to attacks and can have peace of mind that confidential information won’t get leaked.

5. Save Time

The fact that you’re free to concentrate on other areas of your business is one of the benefits of outsourcing that may be less obvious. By allowing third party professionals to handle IT tasks, this should reduce the workload of you and your employees considerably. This is helpful because you can spend more time focusing on important aspects of your business and don’t have to deal with the distractions of managing an IT department. That way you can better serve your customers, run your marketing campaign, and do whatever else it takes to get ahead.

With more and more companies using third parties to help with operations, this option makes a lot of sense. When combining all the benefits of outsourcing IT, it can give your business everything it needs to keep up with larger competitors without eating away at your profit margin. It also puts you in a better position to thrive in your industry and should prepare you for the future.

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