10 Companies That Spoil Their Employees with Amazing Perks

There’s no denying that your paycheck is a key motivator to putting in your eight hours every day, but top companies have to do a little better than regular paydays to keep their employees happy. Employers who want an edge in the marketplace are pulling out all the stops to keep their employees enamored with their workplace. Here’s a countdown of ten companies with the coolest perks — be sure to take note and drop some of these ideas into your office suggestion box.

1. Netflix

Netflix has taken the idea of flex-time to the next level. In fact, they don’t require their employees to clock in on a regular schedule at all. The entertainment provider believes that it’s better to measure their employees by what they accomplish, rather than how many hours they sit at a desk. In addition, you don’t have to wear a suit and tie if you work at Netflix; according to their website, it seems the only dress code they have is that no one comes to work naked.

2. Scottrade

This St. Louis investing firm is dedicated to improving the lives of its employees and giving back to them in several ways. Scottrade invests in their office community with great perks including semiannual profit-sharing bonuses, up to $250 reimbursements to full time employees for wellness-related expenses, and the company even invested over $1.4 million on learning opportunities in 2012. This is one company that is certainly dedicated to keeping its 3,700 associates happy.

3. Qualcomm

This wireless company makes sure its employees don’t have to miss out on the local farmer’s market because they’re putting in too many hours at work. This San Diego-based company brings the farmer’s market to its employees once a week, making sure their workers are able to support the local economy and eat fresh, healthy food to keep up their energy at work.

4. InDemand Interpreting

The CEO of this company is really committed to trusting his employees and we’re not talking about asking them to babysit. Daniel Pirestani hands over the keys to his Porsche Boxster and lets employees who’ve gone above and beyond drive his high-performance baby to a company-paid lunch. Pirestani cleverly calls this coveted prize a “Box Lunch.”

5. 2HB

Employees at this engineering firm don’t have to wait for a girls’ day out to treat themselves to a mani-pedi. One of the perks that the company offers employees is a monthly $50 grooming allowance. Associates can use their allowance for spa treatments or even a nice shave and a haircut. It’s a sure bet that no one at 2HB has any excuse for letting those roots show.

6. SendGrid

Some companies provide free coffee or soda, but SendGrid takes it up a notch by providing a fully-stocked beer fridge in the break room. This Boulder, CO email service also offers freshly-baked cookies and unlimited tacos and burritos from Chipotle. And SendGrid is also about balance – after providing all these fattening perks, they also offer free gym memberships and ski passes. Which is nice because they’ve been known to take the whole office to Cancun for a meeting.

7. Freeborn and Peters

This law firm is about more than filing briefs and billable hours. Freeborn and Peters holds an annual “luggage party,” which allows employees the chance to win an all-expenses paid weekend in Sin City. All firm employees are eligible; all they have to do to enter the drawing is schlep a packed bag into the office the day of the party. The lucky winners are immediately taken to the airport by limo and sent on their way to a wild weekend in Vegas.

8. SC Johnson & Son

This brand giant makes sure their employees can easily take care of all their daily errands by providing a concierge service that handles things like running to the grocery store, getting an oil change or making sure that package is in the mail in time for Grandma’s birthday. But their chore list doesn’t have to stick to life’s necessities – employees can use the concierge service to help them find the season’s hottest boots or make sure Timmy gets that rare toy from Santa.

9. LoadSpring Solutions

The lucky folks who work at this software company don’t have to worry about their vacation request getting denied. LoadSpring Solutions will not only approve time off, but they encourage employees to broaden their horizons by going overseas. The company offers employees who want to go across the pond an extra week of vacation and up to $5,000 toward their travel expenses.

10. Google

It’s almost impossible to pick just one awesome perk offered by tech giant Google, but we’re going to try. In addition to free food, climbing walls, massages, yoga and up to $12,000 per year in tuition reimbursement Google benefits also extend beyond the grave. If a Google employee meets an untimely end while employed by the company, Google provides the employee’s spouse or domestic partner with 50% of their loved one’s salary for the next ten years. And it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been at Google – the benefit is immediately available to all staff.

Does your company spoil you with amazing perks? Let us know in the comments below.