6 Simple Ways to Boost the Good Vibes in Your Office

March is Employee Spirit Month, making it the perfect time to be reminded that happy employees are a valuable asset to your small business. Happy employees deliver better customer service, are more committed to company success, and have fewer HR debacles. Plus, creating a company culture that’s big on smiles is one way to keep your best employees on the payroll, and lower your overall turnover rate.

We’re wrapping up Employee Spirit Month by providing you with easy ways to boost employee morale no matter the size of your business or budget. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, and decide which of our smile-stimulating techniques you’ll implement today.

1. Slash the Schedule

You’re running a business, and scheduling is essential to its success. But shattering the routine once in a while can be a major morale booster. Whether it’s allowing your team to come in one hour late on a Monday, work from home, or enjoy taking their birthday off with pay, even a slight change of schedule will help your employees re-focus.

2. Set up for Success

3. Use Magic Words More Often

Growing up we were taught to use our “magic words,” but during the hustle and bustle of running a business we often forget our mother’s advice. Starting right now, make a conscious effort to say “please” and “thank you” to your employees more often. Why not take your appreciation to the next level and write a quick thank you card with a $10 gift certificate to the local coffee shop? A thank you from the boss coupled with free caffeine and is guaranteed to pump up productivity.

4. Reward Your Team With Zen

Give your team plenty of notice, and tell them to clear their schedules for a mandatory meeting. Hire a yoga instructor or relaxation specialist to walk them through stretching poses or guided relaxation. They’ll leave your “meeting” with an elevated mood and tips for balancing their demanding schedules. Talk about a terrific takeaway.

5. Give the Break Room a Healthy Makeover

If your break room is like most, donuts, cake and coffee are staples. Give it a makeover by stocking it healthy treats once a week. Think fresh fruit, nutrition bars, juice, cut-up veggies, individually packed cheese snacks and the like. Then consider implementing a break policy that encourages your employees to unplug for two 15 minute sessions each day and talk a walk, stretch, or relax in the sunshine. You might kickstart your healthy break program by handing out water bottles or pedometers that sport your company logo. Both options are less expensive than you might think and are known to increase productivity.

6. Broadcast Accolades

Maybe the intern captured an amazing account, your IT guru recently completed a difficult certification, or your payroll manager’s son just reached the peak of Mt. Everest. Sharing the professional and personal accomplishments and milestones of your employees not only gives spirits a lift, it helps your team bond. And when you reach a company-wide goal, it’s the perfect time to handout kudos. Gathering your team together and personally announcing the accolades tends to be more meaningful than sending out an email. But whether you print the good news on flyers and post them on office cubicles, write them up in a company newsletter, or share them via the web, you’ll be spreading mood enhancing vibes and enhancing your company’s culture of positivity.

7. A Smile is Infectious

When the boss is grumpy, everyone is stressed. As the leader of your small businesses it’s easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated, but when you let your bad mood show your employees’ morale suffers. It’s not always easy to do, but just like a negative attitude spreads negativity, a positive attitude spreads happiness. Your smile is infectious, and can even help an employee who is having a bad day shed the blues. Another way to arouse good cheer is by sharing an inspirational or funny quote to jump start the work week.

Boosting morale isn’t rocket science, and it doesn’t have to cost a bundle. Best yet, it offers incredible ROI. We hope you’ll be inspired to try one or more of our mood elevating tips today, and share your results.