3 of the Best Accounting Software Products on the Market

Whether you own a small company with a handful of employees or a larger corporation, you’re going to need some form of accounting software to keep everything in check. What software out there is best for your needs?

We’ll highlight three of the best choices on the market and give you information to make the right decision for you.

1. Sage One ($24/month)

Sage One draws off nearly three decades of experience from the Sage Corporation to bring one of the best accounting software programs on the market. Sage One is accessible over a variety of platforms, including iOS devices such as the iPad or iPod, in addition to Android devices and is extremely easy to use.

The base price of $24 per month covers unlimited invoices, an unlimited number of projects and the ability to manage an unlimited number of customers in its database. It also includes two admins in the system; any additional admins cost $10 per month. If you wait until after August 31, the price goes back to $29 per month.

Sage One offers three different invoice templates and three preconfigured reports in their package, which offers a small amount of flexibility. You can process credit card payments, calculate sales tax, keep track of your account balances, the budget of your project and the time your employees are logging as well. It’s easy to share files with remote employees to keep everyone on the same page, ensuring things are done in a timely manner. The company offers 5 GB of storage, giving you plenty of room to keep documents on file.

This software is probably best geared for smaller companies that are either just starting out or are relatively small. It’s not designed to deal with companies with extremely involved inventories or large numbers of personnel. Sage One works with other Sage products.

2. FreshBooks ($19.95 to $39.95/month)

If Sage One isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps FreshBooks can take care of your accounting needs. It’s a more expensive option than Sage One, coming in at nearly triple the cost. That $69.95 price tag doesn’t give you as much as you may need: it provides for only one administrative user; additional ones will cost an additional $10 per month. Everything is backed up and encrypted in the cloud, making it easy to track down and send out invoices to your customers.

While it does provide unlimited invoicing and an unlimited number of projects, the basic, or Seedling, platform, is limited to 25 clients and one user at the cost of $19.95 per month. If you upgrade to the middle tier, the Evergreen platform, you can handle unlimited clients for a cost of $29.95 a month. By moving up to the Mighty Oak platform at a price of $39.95 a month, you can add a second administrative user at no charge plus have project managers, team timesheets and team expense reporting added to the mix.

FreshBooks offers two invoice templates and 15 preconfigured reports in their software package. It offers online access as well as access for your iOS devices such as the iPod and iPad. One of the hitches that comes with FreshBooks is that if you want to access it via an Android device, you need to purchase the GoBooks app for the Android at an additional cost of $9.99, which may be unfavorable to some people. FreshBooks is compatible with over 70 different sites and software tools, such as BaseCamp and PayPal among others.

3. QuickBooks Online Simple Start

One of the best known accounting software programs on the market today, QuickBooks Online Simple Start is beneficial and easy to use for business owners and freelancers alike. There’s a 30 day free trial available to new customers to try out the program and it costs $12.95 a month after that to put the program to use.

QuickBooks Online Simple Start can create invoices, track sales and expenses, downloading your banking transactions and gives you the ability to pull your data via your Android, iOS and other mobile devices. The program even has the feature to allow check printing and exports data from its own program to Microsoft Excel to keep things in order. It tracks your expenses along with your sales and organizes your finances quickly, making your life much simpler when it comes to tax time.

There are other add-ons to add functionality to the program, such as the “Payroll Bundle” for QuickBooks. This allows you to pay your employees quickly and easily. Another app to add to the program is a merchant service app that allows you to accept debit and credit cards along with checks, expanding your ability to take in different forms of payment instead of being limited solely to cash. The program is also interchangeable with Quicken and its reports.