4 Startups Transforming the Transportation Industry

There’s a transportation revolution underway, and the startups we’re featuring this week are spearheading it. Just weeks ago, the consulting and business advisor firm of Alix Partners released a study estimating that one car-sharing vehicle displaces 32 new vehicle purchases. Furthermore, the study projects that as car sharing and other innovative transportation programs become mainstream, they could account for more than one million car purchases avoided through 2020.

From car sharing companies helping cut down on Earth damaging motor vehicle emissions to apps that make catching public transportation easier than ordering lunch, we’re convinced these startups are in the process of redefining how we get around. Find out what they are all about, and tell us what you think about the emerging transportation revolution.

1. RelayRides

Pop in your favorite CD, and you’re off! RelayRides is a peer to peer carsharing marketplace that brings together car owners and those wanting to rent wheels. With security leading every aspect of how RelayRides works, both parties can feel confident they’re getting what they expect.

Renters sign up via Facebook or email, and must have their identity and eligibility verified prior to booking a car. The renter then simply enters their travel dates and location, and peruses the vehicles available.  Filters make finding the perfect car fast and friendly. Once the renter finds the sports car, sedan, van or truck they want, the vehicle owner has 24 hours to respond to their rental request.

RelayRides puts a major focus on the importance of a face to face meeting between the renter and car owner, and user reviews support the fact that the meet and greet makes the transaction more enjoyable for both parties. Whether you’re looking to make some cash, or wanting a top notch vehicle at a knock out price, RelayRides is a win-win you can count on.

2. Getaround

Spend a few minutes on the Getaround website and you’ll be wholeheartedly convinced it’s time to put your car to work.

There’s no charge to list your car, and you choose who can rent it, how much they’ll pay and retain total control over when it’s available. Best yet, if you rent your car just 25 percent of the time, you’ll probably pay for it, plus earn enough extra cash to fund the road trip of a lifetime. With Getaround, you have the choice of meeting the renter, or taking advantage of a Getaround Carkit which provides renters with mobile access to your vehicle. At the heart of the service are reviews and ratings that help renters and vehicles owners get a feel for one another.

Based in San Franscio, Jessica Scorpio, Sam Zaid and Elliot Kroo are the youthful trio responsible for Getaround’s unmatched success. Getaround currently serves Portland, Chicago, Austin, San Diego and San Francisco. Are you ready to get started earning money off your idle car? Take a look at Getaround’s helpful owners guide to learn more.

3. HopStop

Use HopStop and you’ll get point to point walking, biking, public transit and taxi directions to more than 300 cities around the world.

HopStop offers maps that note nearby subways and bus stops, plus important places like bars, hotels and restaurants. You’ll also get estimated taxi times and costs- and HopStop even reveals changes in your route due to construction and anticipated delays through Real-Time Alerts.

HopStop delivers door-to-door directions that are right on the mark, making it easier than it should be to plan a trip to that far away city or one that includes multiple destinations. And we love that it offers the convenience of identifying wheelchair and stroller friendly routes.

As if you need one more reason to get HopStop, it also provides you an estimate of your calories burned while traveling to your destination and the carbon emissions savings for your route. That’s kicking transportation up a notch. This ingenious travel planning website and app was acquired by Apple in 2013.

4. Hailo

Hailo proves that when a team of taxi drivers and ambitious entrepreneurs join forces, magic happens. In addition to its brilliant leadership and spot-on name, Hailo offers unheard of convenience when it comes to catching a cab.

Forget standing in the rain and fumbling for your wallet. Download the Hailo app and you can hail a taxi, and pay for it right from your smartphone. The free app is available for iOS and Android, and enjoys the distinction of being the world’s highest-rated taxi app. We think it’s great that it also gives you the power to easily request a wheelchair accessible taxi, and we’re grateful that taxi drivers in New York City recently started accepting Hailo payments. Pay for your taxi from your phone, and your receipt will be emailed to you pronto.

Launched less than three years ago, Hailo is available in the world’s most taxi friendly cities, including Chicago, Boston, Osaka, London, Madrid and Toronto and has transported more than 10 million travelers. Hailo has raised nearly $100M from major investors, including one that knows a thing or two about transportation- the infamous Sir Richard Branson.

There’s no denying the fact that there’s a shift occurring in the transportation industry, and we think our featured startups are altering it for the better. Have you used one of our startups? Share your experience!

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